Floriculture: Nanobubble technology to improve water quality

“Thanks to the nanobubble generator, we always have clean water without the need for chemical treatments. Cycle after cycle we can see the effectiveness of the well-purified and well-oxygenated water cycle”, said Michele Alfano, Technical Director. Spais Fiori is a producer of export flowers in Sicily. The company has been operating for more than two generations with 30 hectares of flowers including chrysanthemums, lisianthus, limonium, carnations and gypsophila, and its intensive operation requires a constant need for clean, oxygenated irrigation water.

Molaire’s nanobubble technology improves irrigation water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen and injecting hundreds of millions of electrochemically charged nanobubbles that alter water properties to provide multiple benefits for plant growth. Moleaer’s patented technology has been validated by many universities and research institutes in the US and Europe and more than 500 greenhouses worldwide.

“Since the installation of the Molaire unit, dissolved oxygen levels have risen from 7 ppm to 25-30 ppm, and they have noticed. Better root growth, healthier, and more plant vigoras well as a cleaner irrigation line, fewer blockages, among other benefits”.

There is a nanobubble generator Use Spais Fiori for about a year and has brought various indirect and direct benefits.

“The first benefit is seen in the irrigation system throughout the greenhouse – the businessman expressed -, including the pipes and drippers, any bio film or impurities are well cleaned, and the water is very transparent and clear. Another advantage that we can clearly see. The soil surface in the nanobubble generator becomes smooth and the root The texture is definitely more developed, with uniform white secondary hairs.”

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Increased dissolved oxygen levels increase oxygen utilization by plants and beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere, promote healthy root growth, and improve plant resistance to environmental stresses such as drought and heat. also produces nanobubbles A natural, gentle oxidizer that reduces pathogens and algae when they encounter contaminants in water.. Their hard, stable surface allows biofilm to be scrubbed from irrigation systems and coat pipe walls, and controls biofilm build-up, improving system hygiene and reducing maintenance costs.

“It is definitely a tool that I recommend to other farmers – concluded Alfano -, not only in the flower industry, but especially for irrigation for those who have problems with soil compaction, poor soil oxidation and algae or biofilm. “.

Moleaer develops industrial-scale nanobubble technology that delivers dramatic advances in chemical-free water treatment, sustainable food production and natural resource recovery.

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