Four countries' embassies express concern over anti-forestry law approved by Peruvian Congress

The embassies of Norway, Germany, the UK and Canada expressed concern about the anti-forestry law approved by Congress in Peru's Joint Declaration (DCI). (Infobae mix)

Los Norwegian Embassies, England, Canada Y Germany Inside Peru have issued a statement in which they expressed their concern over the recent changes Forest Act By Congress of the RepublicAs they point out, this is detrimental to security Amazon and encourage criminal activity in domestic areas. These embassies are part of Joint Declaration of Purpose With Peru, it pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat deforestation.

Legislative change, referred to as Lay AntiforestalCriticized for its potential Negative impact Environmental protection efforts and their encroachment on tribal environmental defenders. These changes can make things easier Invasion of illegal economies In protected areas, it not only damages important areas of forest, but also poses a danger Risk to communities and the tribal families who protect these areas.

The embassies of Norway, the UK, Canada and Germany have spoken out in favor of anti-forestry legislation in Peru. (German Embassy)

Also, the lack of due diligence by the government and the legalization of what was previously illegal is a danger to both. Consistency of environment Human rights of local communities etc

“As Partners of Peru Joint Declaration of Purpose Together with other cooperating countries, we express our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to deforestation and forest degradation by: Forest Act“, said British Embassy In Peru, aligning itself with the position of other diplomatic representatives, it underlined the importance of maintaining concrete actions against climate change and deforestation in the South American country.

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He Peru Contains a signed commitment to protest against Deforestation By implementing Declaration of Collective Intent (DCI)Subscribe with Norway Y Germany In 2014. This international collaboration aims to protect forest ecosystems at national and regional levels.

Over the years, the agreement has created a common platform for the formulation and implementation of public policies. Greenhouse Gases (GHG) It is a result of deforestation process. The role of Norway and Germany in providing technical and financial assistance is crucial in achieving the proposed goals. DCI.

as Peru Achieving the objectives outlined in the DCI will benefit from access to international funds and technical support to promote forest sustainability.

Joint Declaration (DCI) between the Government of the Republic of Peru, the Kingdom of Norway and the Several Governments of the Federal Republic of

The contract is divided into three phases: 1) PreparationWith policy design; 2) Transformation, focus on its implementation and adjustment; And 3) Contribution to verified reductionThe success of actions is measured

The DCI It involves coordinated work between various state agencies, regional governments and tribal organizations and support from civil society. The agreement is part of national efforts to combat the harmful effects of climate change and promote efficient management of natural resources.

The agreement between the three countries is part of a broader global response to addressing the climate crisis and underscores the importance of international cooperation in managing natural resources and protecting the environment. As the international climate agenda moves forward, Peru's experience with DCI will serve as a relevant case study for future climate and climate action. Environmental protection Continent and world.

Deforestation continues to progress in the Amazon due to illegal mining, logging, unauthorized cacao plantations and land grabbing, or illegal trade.|Mongabay Latam

Alberto Otorola, head of the Council of Ministers, said Peru's government would use “constitutional means to renegotiate” changes to the forestry and wildlife law promoted by the republic's Congress.

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