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Augustine Lozano, the current president of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), is one of the people who receive the most questions in Peru, he was also one of the “negative characters” for the population of 2023, at the end of an Ipsos survey last year. Considering the future friendlies of the Peruvian team on the FIFA date, the sports commission gave an interview, but an unexpected incident happened. Sergio Ludeña, the director of Cienciano del Cusco, addressed one of the journalists in the group with a pointed question about the payments of 1190 Sports, the company that markets the television rights of Ligue 1 teams.

What did Cienciano say, and what did Agustin Lozano reply?

During the conversation between Lozano and the RPP Deportes team, Cienciano president, Sergio LutenaJournalist Alan Deese sent a message, which he read in full on the broadcast: “Why haven't they paid Cienciano for January 2023? Binananal or Alianza Lima, all three of us haven't been paid yet”He pointed out.

After the questions, the FPF boss quickly responded and stated why they did not pay the father: “I can't promise the other teams, but, if he speaks for Cienciano, I will answer his club. I know you have a problem with the collection of January and that should be resolved with the relevant commission, but why? As I understand it, the month of no delivery, they don't want to pay you. I ask the question, does someone who doesn't allow their games to be aired have the right to collect? I'll leave it at that.”

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The aforementioned communicator replied to Lozano Saavedra: “If they sign a contract for the whole year, they have to pay it.” However, the director of the federation reiterated his opinion: “Would you claim if you didn't provide the facilities to fulfill it? At that time there was no (signed agreement).”.

Augustin Lozano spoke after the words of Richard Acuna

A few weeks ago, the club's president, Cesar Vallejo, complained about refereeing UCV's match against Cusco FC: “It bothers us that the Peruvian Football Federation wants to experiment with us in these types of matches. I think Agustin Lozano is afraid that I want to apply for FPF“That's why he sends us to those referees.”

Afterwards, the former mayor of Songoyabe referred to Aguna's statements: “These heated expressions are irresponsible and disrespectful to the national jury. I hope one day he can correct these revelations because they are irresponsible and disrespectful to the national jury.”.

What did Lozano say about Ligue 1 refereeing?

The Liga 1 Apertura matchday eight has been marked by controversy, with notable incidents at the Alianza Lima and Universitario matches. The president of the FPF spoke about the quality of refereeing in the tournament and admitted that there are areas that need improvement: “I'm not saying it's good to be a referee, but it's acceptable. Some (umpires) go out and have some games. Experience is gained by putting the young man on the field with his qualities. All of them have given good performances. “I know we have to balance things out and we have to improve.”

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Lozano considered the errors against Alianza. Science is not part of the job

During his conversation with RPP Noticias, Alianza Lima vs. Science.

“Daniel Ureta had a good performance,” he commented. Journalist Alan Dees responded that he had made a mistake at the match in Cuzco. However, Lozano responded that these failures were “part of the job.”

Who will take over as president of FPF if Agustin Lozano steps down?

According to the FPF's organizational structure, Lozano Saavetra's successor is First Vice President Arturo Ríos Ibáñez. Ríos, who joined the 2021-2025 board of directors in January of this year, assumed the position following the resignation of Victor Raul Rojas Tito in December 2022.

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