From Social Networks to Space: The Surprising Journey of a Gravity-Defying Influencer

Faber Burgos, an influential Colombian content creator known for his complex scientific experiments, has emerged as the winner of an international competition organized by Space for Humanity. The prestigious institution has appreciated his originality in spreading scientific knowledge and his brilliant experiment that took a balloon beyond the limits of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Space for Humanity, an organization committed to space exploration and science dissemination, has honored Faber Burgos for his unique ability to present scientific concepts in a creative and accessible manner. His unforgettable feat of launching a balloon to stratospheric altitude was the determining factor in his success.

Visibly, Faber Burgos expressed his gratitude to Space for Humanity for the recognition and shared the exciting news that he will soon “stop feeling gravity.” An enigmatic image shared by himself to announce the achievement features the phrase “Zero-G Winner”, a reference to the once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring you close to the conditions astronauts experience in microgravity environments.

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The competition’s organizing committee also provided more details about the selection process that crowned Faber as the winner. They highlighted that they made the difficult decision because of the many creative and inspiring proposals from around the world. Faber Burgos will join a select group of experienced scientists focused on “microgravity,” exploring projects that challenge the limits of our understanding of gravitational forces.

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Who is Faber Burgos Sarmiento?

Faber David Burgos Sarmiento, a prominent Colombian personality in the world of popular science and entertainment, has left an indelible mark on history by combining creativity and science in a unique way. Known as an influencer, science communicator, motivational speaker, and sometime actor, Burgos has shown a steadfast commitment to exploring the unknown.

In a pioneering achievement by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Faber Burgos became the first Colombian to send a selfie into the stratosphere in a scientific experiment in October 2020. By attempting an innovative homemade weather balloon, he managed to capture a snapshot. Captured both the Sun and the Moon in the same frame, a milestone that stunned the world of science and technology.

In 2021, Burgos achieved Guinness World Record status, highlighting its impact on the digital world. A video of his experience, shared on the Facebook Creators site, garnered the most views of its kind, and solidified his status as an influencer in online science outreach.

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