Space: Video shows space capsule violently returning to Earth

The capsule re-entered Earth on February 21. Photo: Shutterstock.

A camera is installed inside a small room Space capsule His violent and shocking moment re-entered the earth.

Small spacecraft W-1 Varda Space Industries Successfully landed on February 21, 2024 at the Utah Test and Training Range in the United States.

It returned the capsule to Earth

A camera installed inside the 90 cm-wide capsule captured the entire impressive re-entry sequence, from separation from the satellite bus in low Earth orbit (LEO) to ejecta re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, to deployment by parachute.

W-1 is eight months integrated with a spacecraft Rocket lab photon (upper stage of an electron rocket) which provided power, propulsion and navigation to the capsule.

“The success of this re-entry mission will also inform our work to develop a neutron reentry capsule to enable human space missions,” RocketLab CEO Peter Beck said in a company news release.

What is Varda's job?

Inside the capsule, a company called Rocket Lab Photon was able to create crystals of the drug. RitonavirAntiviral drug grown in LEO microgravity environment, which could be used for therapy HIV and HHepatitis C The company's goal is to develop infrastructure to make LEO accessible to commercial enterprises.

“This mission was an amazing achievement and an impressive display of teamwork between the Rocket Lab and Varda teams to build a unique and highly capable spacecraft, successfully demonstrate manufacturing in space, and bring back the capsule and medicine.” Done. First try,” Beck said.

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