George Santos, freshman House lawmakers mispronounced oaths of office


Jorge Santos shared a lie on his first day on Capitol Hill: He was sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives. The statement on his official website drew immediate criticism, as the New York Republican accused him of fabricating key details of his biography, not just himself. Send an error message.

The Press release on House of Santos page On Tuesday, he said he was “sworn in as a member of the United States House of Representatives by the Speaker of the House on January 3, 2023,” which sounds generic — and perhaps automatic.

Similar statements were posted on the websites of other incoming freshman legislators Robert Garciaa California Democrat; Michael Lawler, a New York Republican; And Yadira KaravioColorado Democrat.

The mistake shows the potential pitfalls of planning press releases on the assumption that Washington politics will go smoothly.

None of the elected members of the House were sworn in on Tuesday, including Rep.-elect Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) House Republicans, who held a majority in November, Speaker could not be elected McCarthy’s attempt was thwarted. Incoming members cannot take oath of office until the Speaker is elected. The council will be convened at noon on Wednesday, and A fourth round of voting is expected.

Jorge Santos’ first day at the office was an awkward one

The Office of the Chief Executive Officer for the House of Representatives told The Washington Post on Wednesday that it had no comment on the matter and declined to answer why the messages may have been posted on lawmakers’ websites. of Santos Report It seems to have been taken down online, and some are still public.

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Still, political pundits and avid Twitter users rushed to catch a glimpse of Santos, 34. Accused of being a serial fantasist whose actions are being investigated by the Attorney General of New York and the District Attorneys of Nassau County and Queens. Authorities in Brazil are seeking to reinstate a 15-year-old fraud conviction against him.

“First thing, isn’t it true that George Santos is writing in writing from Congress? Shocked,” one Twitter user said said.

“At best, it was a scheduled post and his people forgot to cancel it. At worst, we all know,” added another. wrote.

There was an “oath”. Another one Retaliation, an obvious reference to Santos says He was “Jewish,” after the New York Post said he embellished his ancestry.

Santos was elected to represent New York’s 3rd District in November, flipping a key Republican seat. Then there was a fire accident last month The New York Times and others have outlined the obvious myths Santos’ work and educational background and Personal history.

“If I’ve misled anyone with my resume makeup, I’m sorry,” Santos said, denying any criminal wrongdoing in the U.S. or elsewhere. said WABC radio in New York last week said, “I will be sworn in. I will be sworn in.”

Democrats have demanded of him Resignation; Republican congressional leaders, including McCarthy, have largely remained silent despite calls for him not to sit.

On his first day Tuesday, Santos dodged questions from a throng of reporters as he walked the halls wearing a backpack. Inside the House Chamber, he sat Mostly alone On the Republican side during the referendum, he supported McCarthy for Speaker.

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McCarthy lost in three rounds of voting and received the 218 votes needed to secure the Speaker’s vote. Not being able to get the job done in one vote – that’s something that doesn’t happen Since 1923 — has highlighted party divisions, with hard-right GOP holdouts unmoved by his concessions during his leadership bid.

Republicans won the House again Mid-November But with a slim majority, a consensus would be needed at their conference to move the vote forward.

Without a Speaker being elected, the House cannot swear in all members to vote on a set of rules, and there will be delays. affect Group work and prevents new members like Santos from accessing basic office functions like email.

Kendra Nichols, Marianna Sotomayor, Dan Zak and Ben Terris contributed to this report.

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