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Not hiding his new love. Gerard PQ He gained attention after he shared a new photo on his Instagram profile, in which he looks very affectionate with Clara Xia.

Most notably, he released his release amid rumors that Shakira would have taken legal action against him after releasing his song “Acrostic.” Their children appear in it.

In the snapshot, Piguet appears to connect his cheek with the 24-year-old’s as they both smile. In the description of the publication, only an orange heart can be seen.

Within an hour, the post managed to get more than 600,000 “likes”. In the comments, Internet users did not stop reminding Shakira and assured her that she will perform only at her best.

“He likes to pretend he’s ‘fine’ but he has to suffer because Shakira is better in Miami than Barcelona”, “Whoever has it loses”, “For people like you”, “He has a name. Good man”, “I’m bigger than you”. I was, that’s why you’re with someone else like you”, “No one is happy to see other people’s pain”Here are some reactions from their fans.

Will Shakira Face Legal Trouble With Gerard Pique For “Exposing” Her Kids In “Acrostic” Video?

Last Monday, May 15, Shakira released the video for her new song “Acrostic.” Followers of the Colombian singer were moved by the appearance of Milan and Sasha with their mother, where the children sing and play the piano. Despite the success of the song, the translator from Barranquilla will face a new problem with his former partner Gerard Pique.

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“Acrostic” It has established itself at the top of the music charts. Thus he revealed Shakira He thanked his supporters on his social networks. Celebrating “discovering the acrostico” on Spotify Global Top, Shakira said, “I never imagined that this ballad in Spanish, dedicated to my children, would cross the way it did and reach the top 10 so quickly.

Shakira He revealed that Milan took his first steps in composing and that Sasha devoted himself to perfecting the piano. Although the public is celebrating the appearance of the young children in the video, he is not happy Gerard PQ. Apparently, the ex-Barcelona player had no idea his kids were going to appear in the clip, so he’ll be stepping in legally. What do you know about this? Here we say.

Could Shakira Lose Her Kids’ Safety for Including Her in the “Acrostic” Video?

In the Spanish Antenna 3 program “Y Ahora Sunsols”, journalist Lorena Vázquez reported that Gerard Piguet learned about his children’s participation the same day the “Acrostic” video was released.

“He didn’t know, he wasn’t asked for permission or approval, and apparently his kids didn’t even tell him.”The journalist said.

In the program “Ya es Mediodia”, they confirmed that Gerard Piguet will be upset because he was not informed that his children will participate in the video clip, so he would have left the situation in the hands of his lawyers.

“He is in shock. He has spoken to his lawyer about what can be done about it,” he said.Marisa Martín Blázquez said on the Telecinco project. “It will mean a back and forth between them.”he added.

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