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Quietly without noise Adult examThe sub begins its process with 23 small microcycles, for which there are players born up to 2001. Three foreigners already stand out on that list, one from Argentina Racing, Gabriel Cabellos, another from Spanish Intercity, Alessandro Parlamacchi and one surprise. Valladolid Spanish, Enrique Peña.

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Outside of those players, among the locals, Cristal is the most contributing team with 4 elements: left-back Fabrizio Lora, back Alejandro Posito and mixed media Gonzalo Aguirre and Adrien Askews. There are also contributions from provinces such as goalkeeper Diego Enriquez from Binacional; middle Kenji Cabrera from Melgar; Striker Didier La Torre, from Cienciano; forward Lucas Kantoro, from Cusco; Left-handed back Sebastian Cavero, from Melgar, or right-handed Emilio Saba, from UTC.

Many age-appropriate players are not taken into account, but are part of the senior team or are part of the Universitario, Cristal and Alianza in the fight for the definition of the Clausura. We refer to goalkeeper Diego Romero, attackers Piero Quispe and Uriel Celi (‘U’), defender Rafael Lutiger, winger Joao Grimaldo (Crystal) and striker Juan Pablo Goicochia (Alianza). Striker Fabrizio Rocca from Boys also found times, but as Juan Reynoso took this into account with the adult, Chemo did not want to mention him. The same is happening to midfielder Jesus Castillo from Portuguese Gil Vicente, who is already part of mainstream Peru.

Franco Janelato is another of the new faces in Videna after the Peruvian team’s initial call-up for the qualifiers. | Photo: FPF

Neither Belgium’s Lommel’s Kluivert Aguilar nor Uruguay’s defender Fonji Fargo were mentioned – perhaps because of the coach’s preference, and perhaps he will do so later. Videna, however, insists that this is an open call and further rehearsals will be held in the weeks leading up to the competition.

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When Oliver Sonne, a Dane who plays for the senior team, was asked if he was old enough, the FPF told us no. That Sonne has been since November 2000, and under the new rules, he cannot be part of the Chemo del Solar team, except with Conmebol’s permission. As Sonne is limited, his case has created a certain expectation.

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