Government extends state of emergency in Puno for 60 days | PCM | Tina Poluiarte | Alberto Otorola | Peru

By validating votes CabinetThe extension of the state of emergency was approved by the Department Abundant By 60 more days From June 6.

By Supreme Decree Approved by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, The control of internal order in this region will be responsible armed forcesA state of emergency was declared in the area along with the National Police.

The document specifies during the extension period EmergencyDisciplinary powers shall be empowered to exercise all powers related to the restriction or suspension of constitutional rights relating to the freedom of home, freedom of movement through the national territory, freedom of assembly and personal liberty and security. want Political Constitution of Peru.

Also, the Joint Command of the Armed Forces Will continue to consider Combined Command of Armed Forces and National Police, In the field of Puno.

Within five business days of the end of the state of emergency declared in Puno, the Combined Command of the Armed Forces and the National Police must submit to the heads of the Interior and Defense Ministries. Including the rule of exception, measures to respect human rights and intercultural approach and results obtained.

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