Unicaja Banco reaffirms its commitment to the transition towards a green economy

Moving towards a greener and more sustainable economy requires that our actions do not have a negative impact on the world. To do this, it seems necessary to reframe many of our ideas and support a model that promises sustainability without ceasing to create well-being and profit. Precisely, Unicaja Banco is committed to sustainable development, in which it wants to go with its customers.

This will be a strong support for sustainable finance and enable users to address the green transition and take advantage of the opportunities this model offers.

In its commitment to comply with ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reflected in its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, the company has made significant strides. A new paradigm of finance is aligned with the planet. In fact, sustainability is part of the strategic plan for the period 2022-2024, which is complemented by CSR, inclusion and financial education, especially in relation to groups that show high vulnerability.

Other services

In addition, following this line, products such as personal loans for acquiring electric vehicles and installing photovoltaic panels for self-consumption have been launched; green mortgage loans for high energy efficiency of acquired and mortgaged real estate; Socially Responsible Investment Funds; Sustainable pension schemes, or loans to communities of owners to improve energy efficiency, help channel next-generation European funds, among others.

Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is one of the key commitments.The development and promotion of renewable energy sources, as well as the promotion of measures to improve energy efficiency, are priority objectives of the company, because they not only contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions or environmental impact, but also cause breathing and financing. Savings for families.

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In addition, Unicaja Banco promotes energy-efficient renovations of buildings, as well as the start-up of self-consumption photovoltaic installations, making these projects accessible to the European next generation.

Oxygen mortgage for efficient housing

Environmental importance and creating sustainable projects that contribute to the development and protection of natural heritage should be a maximum in today’s society. Precisely for this reason, Unicaja Banco has a strong commitment to the environment and focuses a large part of its efforts on contributing to making society more sustainable. Among the services offered is the Oxygen Mortgage, which aims to finance the acquisition of energy efficient homes. In this way, it supports customers who are more aware of environmental protection, offers a responsible product that facilitates access to financing and promotes energy savings.

This mortgage scheme is designed to assist in the acquisition, self-promotion or rehabilitation of stable and sustainable homes with an A or B energy efficiency certificate and is available at fixed and variable rates.

Bank offers mortgage loans for high energy efficiency.Bank offers mortgage loans for high energy efficiency.The Oxygen mortgage, part of Unicaja Banco’s broad and attractive portfolio of mortgages, covers the growing demand in the Spanish financial market, supporting improvements in housing performance.

Acquiring a sustainable home represents a significant economic savings for buyers, which is responsible for greater comfort and lower energy bills, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint and emissions of residential buildings. 40 percent of final energy consumption in Europe.

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