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Something stinks San Isidro It’s not just the rotting leaves at El Oliver Park that fall as a result of incompetent efforts. On May 8, the municipality of this district handed over to the Green World Federation a direct award of S/31’998,499 for green areas maintenance service, despite many questions about the process.

The characteristic greenery of San Ysidro was already destroyed during the administration of Augusto Cáceres (Popular Action), who, in December 2022, was part of a criminal network that directs the contracting of maintenance services in favor of green areas. San Isidro Federation in exchange for receiving S/44 million.

With the arrival of Nancy Visarraga (popular renewal) to the municipal office – she was a councilor during the administration of Cáceres – the yellow landscape that prevailed in the streets of Sanicidrinas was expected to reverse, but the investigated San. Isidro Consortium has stopped providing your services.


Doubts about its management have been established in the same municipal council as the municipality of San Ysidro. Peru21 spoke to these officials, and many lamented that there was “little transparency” in the implementation of the process.

“First of all, the first process was not closed properly. If the San Ysidro consortium had abandoned its work, by law a second bidder should have stepped in. “In the end, this has led to more and more abandonment of the district’s green areas,” said Councilor Julica Pennell.

The municipality warned that the second bidder, the San Ysidro Environmental Consortium, did not respond to requests in a timely manner, and therefore, they chose to initiate a new direct award process.

Councilor Lilly Morey lamented the lack of transparency in the municipality of San Ysidro to carry out the million dollar direct award process.

However, Ernesto Salas Muñoz of the San Isidro Environmental Coalition responded that they had complied with providing the necessary documents, but he assured that the other company had committed a “bad move” by not giving them the abandoned contract. Muñoz told this newspaper that a complaint will soon be filed against the municipality of San Ysidro that “affects them.”

With the bad experience of former mayor Cáceres, the residents of San Ysidro find it strange that the new confederation was selected through a direct award and not through a public tender.

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Following the path of confederations that participated in the Cáceres era, the Vizurraga administration began preparations for a direct award, to which the Green World Federation was invited.

According to information from the OSCE, the consortium was invited on May 2 and on May 8 they already celebrated the million-dollar agreement. Within a week.

A contract signed by the Municipality of San Ysidro with Green World.

The Green World Federation was created by ECO-RIN SAC and Rosa Esther Verástegui Verástegui EIRL “The second was investigated in La Molina during the Alvaro Paz de la Barra administration for breach of contract. “Additionally, ECO-RIN has no experience in maintaining green areas, but rather collection of solid waste,” stressed Councilor Pennell.

“We were never informed. They never tell us anything. I asked them to tell us which companies called through multiple channels, why not hire the service for two or three months, but they said no, ‘that’s not possible’,” he added.

Councilor Lily Morey noted that “experts” should have been sought to save the district’s green areas, and that the process should have been discussed at the municipal council for transparency.

“Neighbors are asking for things to be done better, and we’re under new management, providing solutions, and the county has had no problems,” he said.

But the deputy mayor—who is from the same party as the mayor—warned the process. Peru21 San Isidro Vice Mayor Gustavo Reátegui agreed to a document sent to Nancy Vizurraga in which she requests the cancellation of the contract with the Green World Federation.

The vice mayor of San Ysidro requested the cancellation of the direct contract with Green World.

“Despite the lack of transparency with councilors regarding this process and their direct contract, the barriers to councilors accessing the basics and the criteria used for this assessment draw our attention,” the document says.

There is even a letter in which Reátegui describes the manager of the legal department, José Danos Rochabrun, “trying to threaten to fire me” during an information meeting on May 3. “Danos pointed out that the only way was a direct contract and a public tender took too long,” the deputy mayor said.

In her first month at the municipality, Nancy Visuraga signed a resolution where she gives her managers powers to act on contracts. The contract with Green World bears the signature of Luis Hubaya Raigada, Assistant Manager of Logistics.

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Public competition is best

Lawyer Carlos Moran, a partner at the Muniz law firm and an expert on state contracts, pointed out that a direct award may be made when certain conditions are “carefully” met: emergency and due to scarcity.

“Competition is normal. He stressed that 99.9% of the contracts made by the government should be competitive.

Discussing the case of San Ysidro, he pointed out that there is “significance” in protecting El Oliver as the district’s lungs and an important tourist area. “It depends on each case. But if it’s for maintenance of plantations, plantations and so on, I don’t see that it’s justified for a direct award,” he said.

What to do: Former mayor Augusto Cáceres mistreated San Ysidro’s green areas. More performance is now expected under the administration of Nancy Visuraga. (Peru21)

As pointed out by Mayor Visuraka in an interview with this newspaper, the expert clarified that it is not true that the public tender will take a year (see interview).

“Not a year; It may take up to three months. One month for market survey, pricing, appointment of selection committee, another two months for selection process. Not anymore,” he concluded.

Thus, one department says there is a lack of “continuity” and transparency in the administration of Visuraka, the first woman to hold the highest post in the municipality. As the administration’s first months, there is still time to put things back together and save San Ysidro.

Nancy Visuraga: “Mayor and councilors are not civil servants”

Why a direct verdict despite the experience with jailed ex-mayor Augusto Cáceres?

Lack of green space maintenance is a problem my administration inherited from the previous mayor. What we did was a direct contract. The law is very clear: As mayor I do not interfere in this matter. Besides, because of the background of the previous authority, he was too stubborn to know anything about the matter. The law says that the commission must; Management officials are looking into it. Not the mayor or alderman.

Nancy Visuraga, Mayor of San Ysidro.

Why are councilors not provided with the basics of the process?

Councilors argue that they are asking for the basics. If I, the mayor, do not want to interfere in a matter in which I cannot be a judge and a party, that is the function of the executive. The behavior of some people really amazes me. The Municipality of San Ysidro has open doors and all information is provided. Not only in this topic.

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It makes it look like the city council is bankrupt due to lack of communication.

I would ask the councilors to speak to those in charge of the tribunal. If you have any questions, let them know. All councilors have been informed. There were public declarations, and above all, I am not responsible for what men think and say. I invite decent people to think.

Isn’t it disturbing that the Deputy Mayor has requested to cancel the contract?

The mayor and councilors are not civil servants. There it begins. The councilors met the officials in charge. You are informed step by step. Additionally, according to the Municipalities Act, the Deputy Mayor cannot request it.

Isn’t the public auction system more convenient?

A public tender lasts for at least one year. I couldn’t wait a year or so to get the winning bidder. So he decided to contract directly.

Do you know which companies were invited to participate?

The truth is that I know three companies were invited, but I did not handle that information. That can be discussed in the respective area. I can’t give any more information as I’ve tried to stay completely aloof as much as I can.

Doesn’t your delegation of authority to your managers lessen your responsibility as an officer?

As Mayor I do not interfere in administrative matters. The mayor’s job is not to wade into bidding issues. You have to be very careful. Managers are the right people.

Would you ask the regulator to review the adjudication process?

Since the beginning of my administration, I have told the OCI and the Office of the Attorney General that I have an open administration. I have nothing to fear. We are responsible for resource management and work with complete peace of mind.

Antonio Maldonado at PPK

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