June festivals allow the economy in Ibagué to continue to grow


Los Traders prepare One of the most important dates that allow the economy to continue to improve in Ibagu, just like the traditional days June festivals within the framework of the Colombian folk festival.

He Cristian Gutierrez, director of Fenalco DolimaSaid to be a key The aspect dealt with in business is that the Ibagureños and tourists who come at that time of the year are well served, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, bars and gastrobars are expected to continue to boost the economy. People will leave a good impression so they will return on other occasions.

On the other hand, it comes Working hand-in-hand with the authorities to guarantee security in the commercial sector and work to reduce fights and crimes, for this reason there is joint work between Fenalco, Ibacu Metropolitan Police, Ibacu Mayor’s Office, prosecution. and citizenship.

A spokesman for the Department of Commerce said officials were also present at the negotiating tables of public space and that the occupation of public space in the third race was a strong social problem.

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