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A member of Group 5 has announced his departure from the band for personal projects. Photo: Compound LR / Facebook

Group 5 One of the most popular cumbia bands right now. The group has thousands of fans who sell tickets within minutes of each presentation. But this time, they have surprised their followers by announcing that one of their members will no longer be with them. Christian Yapen and company shared the news on social networks with an emotional message, which upset fans. Who is this farewell member? ‘Gold Group of Peru’? It can be seen in this note.

Who is the member of group 5 leaving the orchestra?

Through a post on social networks, Grupo 5 announced their departure Carlos Chavez SalinasTrumpet of the group. “We are grateful to have one of the best musicians in the country as he embarks on personal projects today. Thanks to your talent and affection for Group 5, you know it’s mutual and will always be your home. We always wish you the best. Thank you so much, Colin Chavez!” the release says.

Carlos Chavez Salinas I will say “goodbye”. Group 5 Focus on new personal and professional goals.

Group 5 announces the departure of Carlos Chavez. Photo: Facebook capture

What Carlos Chavez Salinas had to say about withdrawing from Group 5?

Carlos Chavez SalinasThe former trumpeter of Group 5 also took to his social networks to deliver news to his followers. “I have nothing but gratitude to their leader @grupo5elmer to the Yiben Quesquen family who have welcomed me with love, respect and kindness all these years.Saying goodbye is not without longing, like when you get rid of something: you take a part of it and leave a part of yourself,” he wrote.

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“Thank you to the technicians, screens, lights, sound, administrators, drivers, security, colleagues and friends of this great company, ‘Grupo de Oro del Perú’ and all the followers for their support and affection”, concluded the composer.

Carlos Chavez Salinas was a musician with Grupo 5. Photo: Instagram

Is Group 5 trying to depose Shakira?

One of the themes of Group 5 Entering the top of YouTube videos in Peru and seeking the top spot is singer Shakira, whose recently released “Amore Wolf” was recorded with the singer Eddie Herrera, known as the Golden Night.

What did Group 5 say after the accident at Dagna?

After the unfortunate accident in Dagna at the Grupo 5 concert, Christian Yapen clarified that the organizers were responsible for this tragic event.

“After our presentation, there were reports that we had something to do with the accident that happened during the event where we were hired, where there were more artists,” he said.

Group 5 decided to broadcast a video on social networks to talk about what happened at their concert in Dagna. Photo: Composite LR/ Instagram

Is Grupo 5 supporting Christian Yapen in their songs?

Former member of Group 5 criticized the band for their decisions regarding Christian Yapen. Giuseppe Horna, a former member of the cumbia band, accused them of arranging the songs for the benefit of the singers. “I would like to hear more from Petrito Loli, Luis Manuel or Pepe Menis, the famous entertainer who has been in Group 5 for many years; however, everything is Christian, Christian and Christian,” he said. said.

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“I’ve heard that some songs are lowered in key so Christian can sing it, and that’s another thing I don’t really like,” he added.

Christian Yaben with a very relaxed look. Photo: Instagram

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