Gustavo Adrianzén: “I feel like we have normalized corruption”

In Focus on SaturdayIn his first interview to the media after taking office, the The new Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Gustavo AdriansenHighlighting the importance of building trust in the population, he noted that he loses it “when he betrays his word”.

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“A fundamental part of building trust is related to the protection of citizens and the fight against corruption,” says Adrianson | Source: PCM

In his first media interview after taking office, Mr The new leader, Gustavo Adriansenreferred to The fight against corruption He also said that this is an endemic evil which has become normal in our country.

“We are going to have two big pillars: the first is the national demand for economic restructuring. The first figures for March are encouraging, but we don't want to make the mistake of being overzealous. And the second is to build hope. But trust must be gained. It is very difficult to win it and very easy to lose it. “When you betray your word, you lose it when you don't keep what you say,” he said Focus on Saturday.

“A fundamental area of ​​trust building relates to citizen security The fight against corruption. For the latter, it is a structural, localized evil. I thought and felt that we have normalized corruption. A little corruption is normal,” he added.

Likewise, he pointed to the President's government In Boluarte There is no minister involved in corrupt activities.

“In the first 15 months of the government, the president proudly announces every chance he gets that there is no minister with a financial file for corruption. We are obsessed with continuing this till the end of the government (…).” I have been doing public administration for 32 years and I don't have a single open tax file, much less corruption,” he asserted.

“We are going to comply with the recommendations made by the IACHR on the deaths in the clashes”

On another occasion, he referred to the recommendations made by the Chairman of the Cabinet Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Regarding deaths in protests against the regime Poluiarte Due to police repression. about, Adrian's song He said that we will comply with the recommendations of this international body.

“It is the duty of the Peruvian Government to present a report containing a response to the recommendations. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights During the protests of December 2022 and January 2023, the report was presented. On behalf of the Peruvian State, we inform the Commission of our intention to initiate a process in the short term, a monitoring mechanism in which the State intervenes, the Commission intervenes and we have sent information that representatives of the accused parties intervene. victims,” ​​he said.

“As the President has said, we are going to comply with these recommendations of the commission (…). The willingness to negotiate is absolutely there. The President has already expressed his deep sorrow over the unfortunate deaths. Let's apologize, let's continue. We have initiated a policy of compensation to the relatives of the victims and those who have suffered serious injuries. “We are focusing on the psychological impact. Those who are injured or victimized in this event,” he emphasized.

Apology to Alberto Fujimori: “The Peruvian State has adopted a position here”

Finally, to represent the opposite position Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IAC Court) In the pardon of the former President Alberto FujimoriAlthough it is a complex case leading to various situations, the Prime Minister said Peruvian state He has already accepted a position which he must defend.

“The case is still complicated. The Peruvian government is going to comply within the period of time to respond to the court. What do we expect? The most optimal situation is that the court is satisfied with the explanations we provide. Ministry of Justice and Human Rights And this President's House They work hard. And I believe it will be very strong,” he noted.

“But if this is not the case, and if some points are doubtful, the Court may invite us to a hearing, in which the Peruvian State and the representatives of Barrios Altos and Cantuda may participate. As a result of an unfavorable but probable circumstantial investigation, the Court concludes that the State of Peru is in contempt. If this contempt is thus declared, the Court It can be reported to the next court. OAS General Assembly In Asuncion, within his statement,” he said.

“What does the Inter-American Court of Justice say in international headquarters and what does our Supreme Court, Supreme Court or Supreme Court say? Constitutional Court This is not always a coincidence. And the debate has been going on for decades, and there will certainly be more in the future. Our jurisdictions do not necessarily share the same conclusions or the same opinions. “The Peruvian state has adopted a position here, and that's what we're going to take to San Jose, Costa Rica,” he concluded.

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