Guto Guadalupe’s shocked reaction when he learns about his wife’s arrow

Former soccer player Luis “Cuto” Guadalupe made a post on Magaly TV La Firme shortly after his wife’s “ampay” announcement.

There was a curious reaction after Luis Guadalupe revealed his wife’s ‘amboy’. | Photo: Latin TV

After ex-footballer Magaly revealed his wife’s ‘ambe’ through social networks of TV La Firme Louis Guadalupe He had a reaction that surprised all his followers.

In fact, “Guto” was in Chiclayo when the ATV show aired the advance of the note. Although he refrained from commenting on the matter, he posted a heartfelt message on his official Instagram account dedicated to the Juan Arich club.

“With great joy and with all the hope in the world, I once again put on the shirt of my beloved Juan Arich club. Pomalca is the new sponsor of the hurricane, which is on its way back to a place that should not be repeated. I left: to the first professional. Never forget: hope is the most beautiful thing in life” , he pointed out.

Photo: Instagram

This is Cuto Guadalupe’s official response on Instagram

Through a publication on his Instagram page, Luis Guadalupe promised to speak on the subject only at Cuto 16 restaurant located in La Perla.

Photo: Instagram

This is the progress of ‘Ambe’ at Magali TV Law Firm

On all her social networks, Magali Madina’s show confirmed that she will deliver a surprise ‘Ambai’ tonight.

“Today on Magaly TV La Firme, AMPAY!, the official couple of the historical and charismatic football player who shines today as a driver, leaves the hotel with a mysterious man”Indicates an advertisement of the program

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