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Miner HANNAN METALS LTDThe Canadian capital announced the discovery of a new zone of porphyry gold and copper at its Valiente project. (Huanco). The field, known as Privisto East, contains unusually high gold-bearing soil samples associated with several large mineralized rocks. Copper Y oro.

“The Valiante project is 100% owned Hannan, continues to improve every month with our teams expanding and making new discoveries. The size of the system Rich copper porphyry oro By Previsto East Competes with some of the best pre-discovery porphyry projects identified here. Indian Michael Hudson, CEO of the mining company.

This discovery is the eighth major porphyry and/or epithermal target found in the 25 km to 10 km area. Prophecy and Bethlehem. In that sense, the administrator noted that a large part of Previsto remains largely unexplored and his work demonstrates the existence of a giant porphyry group that will expand its footprint with high mineral prospects in 2024.

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“Our teams are now actively expanding their footprint to identify additional targets Copper and gold Near Previsto Este. “Exciting early phase exploration during recent fieldwork identified large outcrops of copper oxide mineralization of a similar style 3.5 km west of the Previsto East target,” he described.

A bold plan

project BraveEntirely owned HANNAN METALS LTDDiscovered during an extensive exploration program in 2021.Green fieldStarted by ' Hannan. The Canadian Mining Corporation has prospective mineral zones for 1,002 square kilometers of mine systems. Porphyry copper and gold In the project brave, In central eastern Peru.

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Since then the company has been actively exploring the project 2021 and successfully obtained community approvals for all areas of interest in the area. In January 2024, Hannan Minerals Belen submitted its first drilling application (DIA) covering two porphyry targets and one epidermal target in the area. The company is now expanding its presence by exploring new areas that will be permitted and drill tested over the next five years.

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