“He already rules the world”: A computer genius's chilling prediction comes true

“We're proud that the machines are better than us right now,” says technician Martin Hilbert.

Artificial intelligence. Photo: Reuters.

“He already rules the world”, Martin Hilbert, an expert in the field of information, said when talking about artificial intelligence (AI). This new technology, which seems harmless at first glance, will completely change our world in the not-so-distant future.

We have passed the era of Big Data“The measurement of information in the world, and now we are facing a phase where we are trying to find out how a new technology implements its processes,” explained the expert in an interview with La Tercera.

Artificial intelligence.  UnsplashArtificial intelligence, its dangers in the future. Unsplash

At the next edition of Future Congress, Hilbert will talk about the potential challenges derived from artificial intelligence without restriction.

Mar del Plata, according to Artificial Intelligence.

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From Big Data to Algorithmization

A professor at the University of California highlights that we are in an “era.Algorithmization“, where artificial intelligence automates the knowledge process.

Man is now threatened by something he has created. “Now we are proud that the machines are better than us“He added, implying that AI already exists “Rules the World.”

Artificial Intelligence and Pollution.  Photo: UnsplashArtificial intelligence is already ruling the world. Photo: Unsplash

“We let the genie out of the bottleIt can cause a lot of harm and a lot of good, and then we try to put it back in the bottle,” Hilbert said.

Despite its potential benefits, this algorithm-based technology is downright dangerous. “Many boys and girls, unfortunately, have lost their lives to algorithms. An algorithm entered their brains and changed the suicide script against their will, leading them to take their own lives. Or, they accidentally met death with challenges like Tiktok.

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Zodiac signs.  Photo: Unsplash

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Take action on the matter

Hilbert emphasized the need for action Legislature and Judiciary To address ethical and legal issues related to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence.  Photo: Freepik.We are immersed in an era of algorithmization. Photo: Freepik.

Although intelligence is superior in many fields, “humans have unique abilities Consciousness, Wisdom and Conscious Decision-Making”Hilbert concluded.

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