“He's a thousand times better than Joao Grimaldo”

Former footballer Joao Grimaldo has sparked controversy by claiming Sporting Cristal have let go of a key figure. who is that

What did Abel Lopatan say about Joao Grimaldo? | Photo: Football Mania / Luis Jimenez / Lopero

Vanara fans have no doubts about that Joao Grimaldo He is one of the most important soccer players in coach Anderson Moreira's program. What's more, after his fine prize with Sporting Crystal, several foreign clubs have shown interest in adding him to their ranks as early as 2024.

However, not everyone was impressed by the sheer size of the celestial 'jewel'. Actually, step Abel LopattonOne of the best players to leave the light blue team in previous years: Iconic Junior Rose.

He is a thousand times better than Grimaldo. Grimaldo, what's 21 years old? Only then will you feel the difference. Ask (Rose) where he was at 21. Grimaldo is young, you said he is not young. At the age of 21, where is Junior, where is he?” he pointed out on 'Mania por el Futbol'.

He then added: “You ask where Junior would be now if he was 21? He would be in Jupiter. Things are clear”. As is known, the Peruvian footballer was a two-time national champion with Sporting Crystal (2012 and 2014).

For his part, Ross chose not to answer whether he was superior to Joao Grimaldo in his prime. However, the former Reims attacker made it clear that at the age of 18 he already had more than 20 goals.

Junior Ross: Numbers with Sporting Crystal

Junior Ross played a total of 102 games for Sporting Cristal between 2011 and 2014. He scored 23 goals and 26 assists. The Sky Blue attacker has won two national titles in the 2012 and 2014 seasons.

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What teams did Junior Ross play on?

While he was still active, Jr. Ross had the opportunity to wear the colors of various Peruvian and foreign companies:

  • Bolognese
  • Scientist
  • Lima Alliance
  • Frankfurt
  • Juan Arich
  • Arca Gdynia
  • Game Crystal
  • Game Huancayo
  • Cesar Vallejo
  • Game boys
  • Municipal game
  • Merchants
  • Alfonso Ugarte
  • Walter Ormeno

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