Here are three ways Amazon is using AWS technology to improve its fulfillment centers

Logistics is one of the areas where AWS solutions have broken the rules of the game to improve efficiency, increase security and speed up delivery to customers.

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AI and machine learning technologies powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), such as Amazon Monitron and Amazon SageMaker, are transforming enterprise operations.

It's been nearly two decades since Andy Jassey and his team of technologists saw the immense potential of sharing the innovative technology behind with other companies, bringing Amazon Web Services to life and selling them as a service to help transform their businesses. (AWS). Today, this technology infrastructure provides benefits to millions of customers around the world and – among others – various artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that should deliver major changes to countless industries.

Every industry faces a unique set of challenges, and over the years the AWS team has recognized the need to provide cloud services tailored to help specific industries address them. Logistics is one of the areas where AWS solutions have broken the rules of the game to improve efficiency, increase security and speed up delivery to customers.

Reducing downtime and improving the experience for employees and consumers

Amazon Monitron is a comprehensive equipment monitoring system that uses algorithms, data analysis and machine learning to predict potential failures in industrial equipment. This high-performance system is made up of small sensors installed on motors, pumps or conveyor belts in Amazon fulfillment centers. Its function is to collect data and send it to the cloud, where an algorithm detects potential discrepancies and immediately alerts engineering staff, allowing for predictive maintenance on an unprecedented scale.

Amazon's fulfillment centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during peak periods to fulfill delivery promises to customers. This means that even minor interruptions can delay orders. Advanced technology solutions like Amazon Monitor play a vital role in improving operations. Since using this technology in 2021, unplanned downtime has been reduced by 69%, helping Amazon meet its delivery commitments for customers.

Currently, 104,000 Amazon Monitoron sensors are in operation at Amazon fulfillment centers in Europe, monitoring more than 34,000 appliances in 192 centers. Ensuring Amazon's operations are as efficient as possible, saving an estimated $37.83 billion.

Beyond improving the distribution process, implementing Amazon Monitron at Amazon logistics centers also positively benefits the teams working there. Previously, technical personnel traveled long distances to monitor equipment. Sensors now automatically implement preventive repairs, and these register them in a central board, where technical personnel can quickly identify anomalies. This technology improves the employee experience while allowing Amazon to fulfill its commitment to consumers – the ultimate win-win.


Achieve operational efficiencies through the power of ML and AI

It plays a vital role in the journey of products in and out of the Amazon network. Once a shipment arrives, an automated storage system powered by Amazon SageMaker identifies the optimal location to store the items, making picking more efficient. It fulfills the core requirement that products can be intelligently stored and placed in key logistics hubs. In addition, it ensures that warehouse and robot fleet designs are optimized, using data to increase productivity.

Once customer deliveries leave the fulfillment center, Amazon SageMaker optimizes delivery routes and driving patterns, reducing costs, shortening delivery times, and making the last mile more sustainable than ever. In many ways, it is the cornerstone of Amazon's logistics and distribution network, enabling faster delivery and a better customer experience.

Remote control and monitoring compliance technologies from the cloud

Another great example of practical applications of AWS services is remote control and monitoring of ATR. This mechatronic system is designed to automate the retrieval and transportation of products in Amazon distribution centers.

The mobile shuttle receives an alert when a container is full of material and uses a robotic arm to empty the entire container. This fully automated process eliminates the need for Amazon employees to manually lift these containers, improving safety, ergonomics and efficiency. The AWS Cloud allows you to monitor these technologies completely remotely around the world, providing complete visibility with highly connected systems and allowing immediate intervention if necessary.

AWS is key to providing better service

But the benefits to society are many. Solutions such as Amazon Monitron, Amazon SageMaker and ATR are some of the many that drive sectors today such as logistics, manufacturing, industrial and AWS, committed to helping organizations and society in their digital transformation process towards change.

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