His harsh opinion on the ‘Masterchef Peru’ debacle with Javier Macias and Gaston Agurio

Javier Masías talks about his MasterChef debacle in Peru.

Javier Macias He became one of the most beloved characters on Peruvian television. Although his share ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’ He is fiercely critical of the dishes prepared by the contestants and gets along well with everyone on camera.

It is for this reason that the gastronomic journalist accepted the invitation Giancarlo Granda Joining his talk show on YouTube, here he doesn’t hesitate to talk about how he started his career as a culinary critic.

“I wrote for people who are going to pay bills for the rest of their lives, who want to celebrate their anniversary or who want to eat well, who are going to spend 20 to 1000 soles, not to enjoy it. Chef,” he commented.

Additionally, Javier Macias He was encouraged to comment on the missing project ‘MasterChef Peru’, which only aired one season on American television. Although the format was similar to that of ‘The Great Famous Chef’, the rest of the gastronomic space never managed to consolidate and quickly left television.

Host and Jury of MasterChef Peru.

According to the journalist, the failure of this cooking competition had a lot to do with the jury’s evaluation of the participants’ dishes, as they were not harsh when they made mistakes. Gaston Agurio It was always there.

“I think everyone was very careful not to be so harsh because, well… Gastón Acurio is the father of Peruvian cuisine and he loves us all,” he commented, comparing the current success of ‘The Great Famous Chef’. ‘ and the defunct ‘MasterChef Perú’.

On the other hand, Javier Macias He recalls moving through many stages throughout his life, first as a culinary critic, then as a bookstore owner, and now as a television personality. “Now I’m a TV character, it’s a joy,” he said.

Javier Macias will miss the participants of El Gran Chef Famosos.

Finally, the moderator of the show Latin He revealed that there are many brands in this space to be a family project, sending a message that ‘it’s war’ because kids today want to visit places where they can laugh with their whole family.

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“Today the advertiser prefers to advertise on family programs because the child who decides what to watch at home is the child telling his father not to watch programs that denigrate women and mistreat minorities. “Racism reflects. “They want to see that show where everyone is laughing together around the kitchen, it’s something they love and it brings them together,” he said.

By Melidon Carbage He was a Peruvian knight who fought in wars with Chile and Spain. He was Huascar’s chief of staff and under the command of Miguel Gra. During the ‘Pacific War’, he was seriously injured and captured by the Chileans. However, he was soon released after a prisoner exchange.

According to Javier MaciasThis national hero is his grandfather and he is very proud because even though he plays a very negative judge in the show, he believes that perseverance in his daily life is the most important thing in human life. allowing them to eventually develop.

Javier Macias revealed his relationship with Melidon Carbajal. (Photo: Clear Talk)

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