His response to an exchange of words with Jose Martinez and Giacomo Bocchio: “I am a respectable person”

Josie Martinez and Giacomo Bocchio star in a tense confrontation in ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’. Latin TV

‘The Great Celebrity Chef’ It is in its final stages and four contestants have returned to the competition after a one-week hiatus. Josie Martinez, Rocky Belmonte, ‘Crazy Wagner’ and Fatima Aguilar They were chosen to be back in the kitchen and battled to win the long awaited pot of gold.

So, this Friday, September 15, a new episode of the gastronomic competition reality show airs, and this time the theme is Brazil. Participants show their surprise when asked the names of the most surprising and obscure foods.

However, a tense moment is evident in the program’s preview Jose Martinez and Giacomo Bocchio For some instructions in the middle of preparation. The event drew powerful attention on social media and went viral instantly.

Faced with this, the young TikToker decided to come forward and defended himself through his Twitter account. Responding to a video posted by your colleague Rick LaTorre, Josey Martinez explained why he wasn’t paying attention to the jury and why he reacted as seen in the preview.

Josie Martinez has spoken out online after being criticized for his fight with Giacomo Bocchio.  Thanks - Twitter
Josie Martinez has spoken out online after being criticized for his fight with Giacomo Bocchio. Thanks – Twitter

“He asked to listen to me talk, watch me cook, and on top of that double-pan. “I am not an octopus to do 20 thousand things at once, I am a respectable person despite my age,” he wrote in a tweet.

Opinions about the event were divided. Some netizens came forward and mentioned that his attitude to save his post was good. However, there were those who pointed out that he should be careful with his words and respect the judges as they are in the competition at that time even if they give him some confidence.

“It’s good to have confidence but always measure yourself and don’t go shoulder to shoulder when they shake hands”, “You don’t have to explain to anyone Josie”, “But he says to him “Oh what’s wrong with you” Everyone exaggerates how disrespectful he is. “Giacomo rages alone” were some of the reactions in cyberspace.

Users React to Josie Martinez's Approach  (Hold on Twitter)
Users React to Josie Martinez’s Approach (Hold on Twitter)

In the preview for the September 15 show, you see Giacomo Boccio Compared to Jose Martinez When the participant prepares. After watching his step, the chef mentions: “Add about three tablespoons of broth”, but the TikToker doesn’t pay attention and continues what he’s doing.

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Meanwhile, Bochio He feels neglected and does not hesitate to take revenge on the young man. “He doesn’t want to overlook us,” he points out to his teammate Javier Macias. without hesitation, Jose Martinez He responds and makes a challenging remark to the chef: “What do you have?” Tensions rose and Giacomo Boccio He did not remain silent and answered: “What do I have? If you want, I will not give you any advice. Since the preview aired, many people on social networks are talking about this moment, the effect of which will be known in the full version of the program.

Giacomo Puccio is furious with Jose Martinez for ignoring his cooking advice.  Thanks - Latin TV
Giacomo Puccio is furious with Jose Martinez for ignoring his cooking advice. Thanks – Latin TV

It is noteworthy that netizens have been saying this since the start of the season Giacomo Boccio I’ll have a different approach with TikTok. Faced with this, the chef consulted Infobae Peru He immediately denied such doubts on the matter.

“I’d say that’s a lie, watch carefully. Look at the program and tell me where I was harsh with Josie, that’s it. I think we live in a society where people like to fight about everything and criticize everything, and a lot of people who don’t do anything criticize people who do. He treated Josie with so much respect and affection. I assume. So I don’t understand where that criticism is coming from,” he commented to this media.

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