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Peruvian workers belonging to the private activity regime and workers in government agencies experienced the highest number of anniversaries in 2023. holiday Nationally. Considering the year 2024, the number is expanding with recent announcements proving that, but at the end of the year, there are still some commemorative days to be celebrated where you are free to travel or do other kinds of activities. . We’ll tell you when they are DecemberAnd which were declared non-working as per the mandate.

When and what are December holidays in Peru closing in 2023?

The current year is one of the 365 most important days for workers in the public and private sectors in Peru, as the Congress of the Republic has officially adopted measures to enact up to 4. holiday New ones, thus creating a list that ends with the celebration of the commemorative, traditional and important days of the month. December.

After a mandatory and scheduled sabbatical associated with All Saints’ Day on November 1, the eleventh month of 2023, the various actors who are part of the private activity regime will complete the cycle of commemorative anniversaries annually. The following holidays have been verified And adding a recently approved one:

  • Friday 08/12 Immaculate Conception Day
  • Saturday 09/12 Battle of Ayacucho
  • Monday 12/25 Christmas

It should be noted that holiday of December 9 It was one of 4 approved by the legislative branch between the end of 2021 and mid-2023 with the aim of recognizing and making visible historical events that are part of the country’s history, Dawn announced, and most allowed for independence. Jose de San Martin.

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In this way, the last 3 Peru holidays in 2023 are the Immaculate concept, Battle of Ayacucho Y ChristmasThis will help you take advantage of the long summer weekends and enjoy a nice trip as well as family fun activities called irreplaceable days off work.

What non-working days were declared in Peru in December 2023?

By Enacted in December 2022, the government established a total of 7 non-working days per year to promote domestic tourism and contribute to Peru’s economic development.

With the last month of the year and the first and third scheduled holidays, the Thursday 7 Y Tuesday 12/26 They represent moments that can be enjoyed as a family, or perhaps through a trip as a couple.

New official holidays occurring nationally in 2024

Extended list of anniversaries celebrated in Peru with mandatory pay breaks. 16 With a view to 2024, due to legislative acts that seek to recognize and make visible events such as the Battle of Arika, a part of the country’s history.

Thanks for the information given above and shared by the official newspaper We describe the reasons why each new holiday is incorporated into the calendar of holidays structured in Article 6. Ordinance no. 713:

  • Peruvian Air Force Day / July 23

In the early hours of Friday, June 23, 2023, the Republican Congress approved legislation honoring this date. Captain FAP Jose Abelardo Quinones

  • Battle of Arica and Flag Day / June 7

The approved law was promulgated on June 15 to commemorate the two patriotic anniversaries by insisting that the date be declared a national holiday.

  • Jun War / August 6
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On July 7, 2022, Congress approved the declaration of August 6 as a national holiday in honor of this important event that allowed the consolidation of Peru’s independence.

  • Ayachucho War / December 9

Proclamations approved by the full session of the Republican Congress on December 9, 2021 to commemorate this significant national event

List with 16 officially announced holidays for 2024

1- New year / January 1

2/3- Thursday Y Holy Friday / March 28 and 29

4- labor day / May 1

5- Battle of Arika Y Flag Day / June 7

6- St. Peter and St. Paul / June 29

7- Peruvian Air Force Day / July 23

8 / 9- National holidays / July 28 and 29

10- June’s War / August 6

11- Santa Rosa de Lima / August 30

12- Battle of Angamos / October 8

13- All Saints Day / November 1

14- Immaculate Conception Day / December 8

15- Battle of Ayacucho / December 9

16- Christmas / December 25

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