Holy Week 2024: Which channel and time to watch 'The Passion of the Christ'?

'The Passion of the Christ' – Official Trailer | Newmarket Pictures

In Peru, when EasterIt is a deep-rooted tradition that many families watch Religious films on holidays. The most awaited one'Passion of Christ', movement Mel Gibson. This shocking film depicts the suffering of Jesus, the central figure of the Christian faith, after being sentenced to death by the authorities.

movie'Passion of Christ', movement Mel Gibson and acted Jim CaviezelIt is an American Christian drama that chronicles the last twelve hours of his life Jesus of Nazareth. In the plot, Jesus is crucified and executed on the orders of Pontius Pilate, the then Roman prefect of Judea.

'The Passion of the Christ' is controversial due to its graphic and graphic depiction of Jesus' crucifixion.

In the next period EasterVarious Peruvian channels are gearing up to broadcast special programs, including film productions of a religious nature. 'The Public Life of Jesus', 'The 10 Commandments', 'The Magdalene' and 'The Story of Jesus for Children''. So far, America TV is the only channel that has confirmed its airing.Passion of Christ'.

'Passion of Christ'Next broadcast Friday 29 Marchat 10:30 pm And by identity America TV.

One of the most anticipated films of Holy Week is 'The Passion of the Christ'.

due to EasterThe demand for religious content is experiencing a significant increase 'Passion of ChristOne of the most sought after images by devotees. To enjoy this movie, streaming platforms are reported Amazon Prime Y Star Plus They provide the image Latin Spanish And with high image quality. These apps are accessible on a wide range of mobile devices, both for operating systems Android as iOS.

'The Passion of the Christ' was nominated for three Oscars for Best Makeup, Best Score and Best Cinematography.

America TV

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Friday 29 March

07:30 am – “Public Life of Jesus”

09:40 am – “Miracles from Heaven”

11:40 am – “Son of God”

02:00 PM – “Noah”

04:20 PM – “Look”

05:10 PM – “Exit”

06:00 PM – “Promised Land”

06:45 PM – “David and Goliath”

07.30 pm – “Bible”

09:00 PM – “Holy Mission”

10:30 pm – “Passion of the Christ”

12:00 pm – “Ben-Hur”

02:00 am – “Magdalena: From Shame to Freedom”

03:40 am – “Public Life of Jesus”

Latin TV

Friday 29 March

6:15 am – “The Story of Jesus for Children”

7:20 am – “The Public Life of Jesus”

9:30 am – “Through the Eyes of Jesus Magdalena”

11:00 am – “El Salvador”

01:00 PM – “Public Life of Jesus”

03:15 PM – “King David”

05:10 PM – “Gladiator”

07:45 PM – “Ten Commandments”

11:30 PM – “Through the Eyes of Jesus Magdalena”


Friday 29 March

7:00 am – “Gospel of Matthew”

10:30 am – “The Story of Jesus for Children”

11:30 am – “Magdalena”

01:00 PM – “Gospel According to Luke”

05:00 PM – “Public Life of Jesus”

7:30 PM – “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

11:00 PM – “Gospel According to Mark”

Panamericana TV

Friday 29 March

05:00 am – “Public Life of Jesus”

07:15 am – “Jesus of Nazareth”

01:40 PM – “St. Peter”

05:10 PM – “Jesus”

07:20 PM – “Ten Commandments”

10:20 pm – “The Public Life of Jesus”

TV Peru

Friday 29 March

7:00 am – “Passion of St. Matthew”

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10:00 am – “Faith” (Available on TVPerú Play)

12:00pm – Three hours of sermon (The Catholic Church will preach the seven words spoken by Christ on the cross.)

3:00 pm – Via Cruzis (Available on TVPerú Play)

5:00 PM – Mystical Constructions /Premiere (Available on TVPerú Play)

5:30pm – Sing Mass with Chabuca (Luis Enrique Game's documentary, 'La Misa Criolla de Potas' tells the story behind the composition)

7:00 PM – Today's Chronicle

8:00 PM – Holy Sepulcher Procession

9:00 pm – Celebration of the Passion of the Lord

He Holy Thursday And this Holy Friday Holidays, recognized in the work calendar, are a part 22 annual holidays. These dates not only provide a place for spiritual reflection, but also provide an opportunity for families to gather, relax, and sometimes finish unfinished business. In our country, a long holiday will begin Thursday, March 28 and will culminate March 31 is Sunday.

Next year, Peru will have different holidays, which will be days off so that citizens can walk, be with family, or do any other type of activity. (Motion: Infopay Peru)

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