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In recent months, the Popocatépetl volcano, also known as “Don Coyo”, has attracted attention and alerted the entire population and experts in charge of monitoring it, as it has presented an unusual increase in its activity. Discontinued from t.

Due to this situation, the National Disaster Prevention Center (CENAPRED) monitors the Popocatépetl volcano 24 hours a day throughout the year. Information The volcano warning traffic light goes up to yellow phase 3, which increases the warning level as a preventive measure.

This is meaning Currently, Don Coyo has intermediate to high activity and rapid developments of large domes (protrusion or semicircular crater) and their destruction in strong eruptions; Persistence of fumaroles, gas and ash fallout in nearby areas; Bursts of increasing intensity with the initiation of luminous fragments; Possible medium-sized pyroclastic flows (a mixture of hot volcanic gases, hot solids and trapped air).

This scenario indicates that surrounding communities and local populations should be alert and prepare for possible evacuation in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Don Goyo’s extreme activity has caused a great stir on social networks, where the ‘obsession’ of Popocatépetl is spreading widely. First, the cities closest to the volcano focused on unusually large amounts of ash, mainly from Puebla; Pictures showed streets, cars and houses covered in ash, a situation that continues to this day.

And yet, as this activity has not stopped, on the contrary, impressive videos and pictures of the intensive processing it provided:

But this is not all, the situation has also attracted the attention of international media and experts such as the European Space Agency. Sentinel 2 (an Earth observation mission with satellites), has captured an impressive image of Popocatépetl volcano activity from space.

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In the release of this fact, “an important thermal anomaly is observed with the emission of ash and the possible formation of a volcanic dome. As the weather improves, Senabret will fly over the volcano to confirm its dimensions.”

Sentinel 2, European Space Agency

Specifically, what we see in the image is satellite photography that has been processed to highlight features such as vegetation, ash, and thermal anomalies.

Apart from this, this Information In its latest updates, during this morning, the activity of Don Goyo continued with a large amount of ash discharge, which is dispersed by the wind mainly towards Puebla. The volcano warning traffic light is yellow phase 3 with a safety radius of 12 kilometers.

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