What is life and what is Joa Castillo, former member of ‘JB en ATV’ doing now?

The comedian was a big hit with JP on ATV, but he has moved away from the small screen. What happened? Find out more details here.

Comedian Joa Castillo surprised his followers by walking out of ‘JP N ATV’. | Photo: Libero Mix

George Benavides’ show “JP N ATV” was a springboard of sorts for new faces who found a place in paintings. Joao Castillo He was one of them because he gained fame, but after a while he stopped appearing on screen. What is he doing now?

In this sense, many of the followers George Benavides They demanded an explanation of Castillo’s situation. Considering these reactions, Castillo used his platforms to send the following message: “Your composure is more important than getting mad and trying to understand why it happened. Leave it alone and relax“, which created speculation among users.

What is Joa Castillo doing now?

Despite stepping away from the small screen, Joao CastilloHe did not waste the fame he achieved during his time in such shows.El Wasab D JP‘ and ‘JP on ATV’. Even Sergio Pena’s cousin had the brilliant idea of ​​going into the brewery business.

For this reason, Castillo created his artisan piscos brand and promoted his business through his Instagram account: “Pisco 27 ​​for everyone. Pisco Cubaranda and Pisco Italia each bottle 750 ml.“.

Joao Castillo. Photo: Spread

In a conversation with “Tia Tia”, Joa explained that he is in charge of delivering his products: “Besides, sometimes I don’t offer just one pack. “When they taste it, they know it’s good pisco and they call for more.”. Regarding his studies, Castillo said he worked in business administration.

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Back to JP on an ATV?

Thousands of Internet users continue to ask for feedback Joao Castillo For ‘JP’ actors, it seems complicated as there is no possibility till now.

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