How old are you and what is the age difference between you and Jaime La Torre?

Leysi Suárez confirmed the end of her relationship Jamie LaTorre Find out how many years they stayed after the shelter.

Find out how old Leysi Suárez and her son’s father Jaime La Torre are.

The Peruvian former dancer Lacey Suarez is going through one of the most complicated phases of her life after the apparent infidelity of her husband Jaime La Torre became known, which is one of the saddest news for a daughter, this time the death of her father. week. These facts have put her at the top of the search and increased the interest about her, so we will give you some information about her life that you may not know.

“I don’t need to say much on this topic. I’m going to deal with this personally. Apologize to the people who were affected, to Lacy, to my family, to her family, to all the people affected by this situation,” he said. In his statement, after the model daughter’s father was caught with another woman iquitosWhat is the difference between how old you are and Lacey Suarez? Find out below.

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How old are Leysi Suárez and Jaime La Torre?

Let’s begin Jaime Enrique La Torre VasquezBorn in Iquitos, A August 11, 1986. So what changed on the last Friday of this month 37 years of life.

For her part, Lizzy Suarez came into this world on September 22, 1985, which makes her 37 years old, and in a month she will already complete a circuit around the Sun. So, the final conclusion and answer to the question presented in this special article in El Popular is that the comic Xactris takes the father of her little girl for 10 months and days.

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Did Lacey Suarez think she found “the perfect man” in Jaime LaTorre?

The Peruvian artist revealed her feelings for her husband a few months ago, describing him as the best man in the world. I also looked inside Jamie LaTorre A man of values ​​and principles made him his best friend.

“I feel that I have found a good man, who is with me, we both dedicate ourselves to progress, that’s the beauty of a couple, we can help each other. An incredibly developed person. Values, a very perfect guy”, commented an emotional Lacey Suarez.

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Karla Tarazona reveals she saw Leysi Suárez’s partner in Iquitos? ?

According to reports by Karla Tarazona and Curt VillavicencioThe two took a trip on July 7 and came to visit the ex-partner Solve Suarez In “La casa de las enchiladas”, when he sees them and they don’t pay much attention to him, he shoots out of the food establishment as if he’s hiding something.

“Yesterday, talking with Curt, we came to a conclusion, we realized a situation that we saw on that date that we went on a trip to Iquitos, but we didn’t take it into account because it didn’t seem strange to us. He left the restaurant very quickly.. His attitude when he saw us in the restaurant It was amazing, he went out and stood at the door as if he had seen the devil,” revealed Carla Tarazona.

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