How technology is changing products and services

Aileen Coles, Learning and Service Special Coordinator de Bafest.

In November, Quality Month is celebrated, a reminder that seeks to reflect the relevance of quality management in daily life and the development of more efficient processes, systems and results at the business level. Currently, this element is essential for companies to achieve success, as it allows them to remain competitive and improve satisfaction.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that companies use technology to manage various processes, simplify routine work for their collaborators, and reduce management time. Gain more control over information, reduce duplicate or redundant tasks, and streamline quality processes.

Technology allows organizations to reduce their dependence on individuals or workgroups by centralizing knowledge on-site by maintaining constant control over the information of the organization and its managers. This approach has a direct impact by providing speed in the management of non-conformance, complaints or preventative corrective actions, enabling companies to stand out in an increasingly demanding market looking for immediate solutions to their problems. In other words, technology can significantly reduce management time in a quality department and improve its performance.

Likewise, through the use of innovative digital tools such as automation, employees in a quality department may have time-free means to present themselves, review, plan, or design improvement plans; Instead of doing routine or control tasks you can do it with some specialized software.

Also, technology allows you to always have up-to-date information, provides a quick overview of the current situation, as well as guarantees the necessary security to control every piece of data created.

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While it is important for companies to have tools to improve the quality of products and services they provide, it is essential to adopt a philosophy and establish a quality management system that involves all departments and employees of the company.

For this reason, this month at Baufest, we are preparing a series of activities that will remind our collaborators and customers of the importance of this element. For example, on our portal PolarisThe Podfest episode will be available “360º Testing: Celebrating Global Quality Month with AI” Juliereth Fernandez, an architect at SQualy, says of a project that is in development and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve quality; In order to guarantee quality in the company, we will promote a campaign to make the work of each area visible internally.

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