Huancavelica: Economy Minister promises to eradicate poverty

File photo. Alex Contreras is sworn in as Economy Minister by Peruvian President Tina Polwart on December 21, 2022 in Lima, Peru. REUTERS/Sebastian Castaneda

He Economic Minister, Alex Contreras Miranda had to flee in a government-provided car during a visit to Huancavelica. According to a video broadcast by the program ‘Al Estilo de Juliana’, people protesting against the government of Dina Boluarte ran behind a vehicle where the minister had to shout “murderer” at him.

In the audiovisual recording, protesters can be seen throwing rocks at the car, while what are believed to be the car’s defenders. Economic Minister They ask him not to stone him.

According to La República newspaper, people demonstrating against the government were waiting for Minister Contreras at the main gate. Regional direction of education.

To avoid confronting them, the holder Department of Economics and Finance He left through the back door of the complex in a gray car with tinted windows.

The Minister of Economy fled from protesters against him in Huancavelica.

Your visit huancavelicaA city with high poverty rates, residents have participated in protests against Boluarte since December 2023, due to their participation in the establishment of a regional development agenda.

In this meeting, Contreras He promised that the Tina Polwart government would work on a special package to reduce poverty this year.

“Over the past eight years, The Poverty It didn’t move. The epidemic raised it by 30% (…) and we cannot tolerate as a society that more than nine million Peruvians do not have the minimum,” he said.

During his participation, out Regional direction of educationCitizens chanted “Dina murderer, people reject you” and “Government causes hunger, suffering”.

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One of the protestors protested Contreras He did not want to talk to them and fled the campus in a car.

“Unfortunately, as always, he runs away from town Huancavelicano. We are waiting for him and he is running through another door,” commented one of the protesters.

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