“I still don't understand what it is.”

The experienced Uruguayan goalkeeper is one of Universitario's signings for 2024 and within days he has been impressed by the cream of the club's greatness.

Sebastian Britos started in Universitario's first two friendlies. | Sports University

to Sports University, this 2024 will be a special year as they will celebrate their 100th anniversary as a company. For this reason, Cream will lead a competitive team with the best players on the field with the goal of becoming a national champion. One of those star signatures Sebastian Brittos.

The Uruguayan goalkeeper signed for Cream at the end of last year, but it was only at the beginning of January that he came to our country to join Compomer. From that day on He was fascinated by what the company was all about. And it was said before 'Noch Crema 2024', confirming that he was anxious for that day to come and that he had not yet fully appreciated the greatness of the 'U'.

“I am looking forward to coming to the stadium for Cream Night, to feel the love of the people. I am very happy in every way. The club is so big, I still don't understand what it is.. “I think over time I'll realize what that means to all the people.”He revealed in an interview with the Universitario magazine.

Sebastian Britos expressed that he has a great responsibility at the Universitario

Likewise, the 36-year-old goalkeeper showed his gratitude to the student body for choosing him out of many to keep the team's goal on his hundredth day, so he knows the big responsibility he has on his hands this season.

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“Feelings are strong because there are many goalkeepers and it is very important for me that they choose me at the right time. The president has his eye on me and they have chosen me as the goalkeeper of the century. It is clear to me. I have a very big responsibility. Big, I am not avoiding it, I know it”He pointed out.

Britos has the same objective as everyone at Universitario, to win Ligue 1.

Finally, he made it clear Every university student's goal is to become a champion in League 1 He hopes that they will be able to achieve that and other objectives set hereafter.

“Already there is still a cream, because the only way to respond to this affection is on the field. I hope we can achieve all the objectives we set for ourselves, everyone has the same enthusiasm that I have, and I am very happy to be part of this company, and all good things at the end of the year. can enjoy”Punished.

Britos was a starter in two friendlies played by Universitario

If there's one player who's played the most minutes in Universitario's friendlies this 2024, it's that Sebastian BrittosCésar Vallejo, who started against Atlético Nacional, Playing a total of 160 minutes out of a possible 180 minutes. He was traded against the 'Poetas' at 70 only for Aamet Calderon.

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