Immigration ready to issue electronic passports valid for 10 years: How much will it cost?

The National Immigration Monitor Announced ready for broadcast Electronic passport With a tenure of 10 years, the Supreme Mandate will be renewed once Single Text of Administrative Procedures (TUPA). The Technological adaptation The requirement for this change was completed last year, and a regulatory amendment is expected to be completed soon to allow for the implementation of this measure.

Renewal of validity of passport Occurs after approval of Act No. 31678, in February 2023, which significantly extends the validity of these documents. As established by law, the validity period of electronic passports is 3 years for children aged 0 to 12 years, 5 years for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years and 10 years for citizens over 18 years of age.

These changes are intended to improve administrative procedures for Peruvian citizens; However, the company has announced This would represent an increase of 20 feet Above the current price of S/ 98.60 for issuance of new passports with extended validity.

The process of issuing passports will begin in June

He Superintendent Armando Garcia Sunga and Alberto Farje Horna, General Director of Peruvian Communities Abroad and Diplomatic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that the issuance of the new documents will begin in June in the national territory and abroad.

This advancement represents not only technological advancement but also an effort to meet the high demand for these identity and travel documents. From the beginning of 2023, migrations It has issued more than 1.2 million electronic passports, marking a monthly record of issuing 120 thousand documents in February this year.

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These numbers reflect the company's commitment to simplifying and improving administrative processes involving Peruvians both inside and outside the country.

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How much does a 10 year passport cost?

The new electronic passport, valid for 10 years, will be slightly longer than the current one. An increase of 20 feet is expected from the current price of S/98.60. This increase is due to the technical and security improvements incorporated in the document and the extension of its validity.

What are the security measures of the new e-passport?

Peru's new electronic passport has several security measures in place to protect the holder's personal information and prevent fraud and fraud. Some of the most notable security measures include:

  1. Electronic Chip: It contains the owner's personal data, digital photograph and biometric data such as fingerprints to allow secure verification of identity.
  2. Polycarbonate Material: The data pages are made of polycarbonate, which is tamper-resistant and difficult to replace.
  3. Visual Security Components: They include holograms, watermarks, hidden images and microtext, which are difficult to copy and provide additional security.
  4. Tangible elements: Certain security features such as embossing and engraving can be felt by touch to make it harder to counterfeit.

Where does the Peruvian passport rank in the world rankings?

According to Henley & Partners' Global Passport Ranking, the Peruvian passport is ranked 35th in the world. This privileged status allows Peruvians to access 142 countries without the need for a prior visa, making international travel significantly easier.

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This rise in ranking reflects developments in mobility and the international perception of the Peruvian passport. Over the past decade, the travel document has moved up from 50th to 35th place, demonstrating the country's commitment to increasing global access for its citizens.

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