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Scotiabank Peru It expressed its confidence in the team in Peru and reaffirmed its commitment to its clients in the information sent to the Superintendent of the Stock Exchange.SMV)

This was reported after Chilean media outlet Diario Financiero mentioned its possible sale in Peru. “Peru continues to be a key country for the bank's global strategy and the arrival of our global leaders reflects our commitment to growth and development in this market,” the bank said.

parent company Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), during the 2023 Investor Day, announced a new global strategy in the market, based on high returns and sustained profitable growth, Scotiabank highlighted. “And we're becoming a more customer-centric organization, with them looking for priority and more transaction”under control.

The bank revealed that its new strategy, which focuses on being a financial partner to its customers, will be of great value in continuing to promote it. Economic development from the country.

Scotiabank Perú is one of the most relevant banks Peruvian Financial SystemAnd its operation is distinguished by its financial strength, backed by solid assets, an essential component of the financial sector, he said.

This is evidenced by the recent improvement in the ratings of credit agencies such as Fitch, Moody's Y Quality and Poor (S&P)He said.

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What is the Chilean media saying about Scotiabank's possible sale in Peru and Colombia?

According to him Scotiabank's president, Scott Thompson, said that by mid-December 2023, the bank would “prioritize consolidating the North American corridor as connecting leaders.” Canada, Mexico Y America”, a sign that he will leave the spotlight Chile, Peru and Colombia.

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According to Chilean media, the report raised doubts about the company's future, so Thompson decided to address them through personal visits to the countries, where he reaffirmed the company's commitment. Financial institution He also promised to try to increase the income of the bank.

In ColombiaThe panorama looks more complicated, Diario Financiero Sud noted that from 2023, all activity lines registered red numbers compared to 2022.

For this reason, the market assumes that the company will place the sales mark in both countries, and only need to define whether it does so separately or as part of the same package, the southern media reported. “You also need to evaluate what needs to be done I will benefitThere are AFP in Peru”he added.

According to the Chilean newspaper, a source close to the company commented that “there is no talk of the sale of these operations, either domestically or externally,” but he admitted that amid weak performance, it could be an option.

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Banks participating in the market

There are 17 banking institutions in the local financial system: Bank BBVAPeru Credit Bank (BCP), Banko Pichincha, Bonbeef, Scotiabank, Citibank, Interbank, My bankBank Trade and banking GNP.

The bank also participates SantanderBanko RipleyBanko AlbinBanko ICBCBanko Falabella, Bank of China and banking PCI.

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Up to what amount is BBVA prepared to issue bonds and certificates of deposit?

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