IMSS implements new technology for video monitoring of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy

CMN La Raza has a video encephalogram monitoring unit that allows identification of epileptic patients requiring surgery. (Screenshot/IMSS).

Advances in medical care for those with Drug-resistant seizuresHe Special Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) La Razaof Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)Enabled enabling technology Long observation Patients up to five days. This unique tool in the Mexican public health system helps to accurately identify the origin of epileptic seizures. It improves diagnostic and treatment strategies for candidates Removal surgeries.

Introduction of Electroencephalogram video monitoring unit Allows detailed, long-term studies that are important for planning safe surgical interventions for patients unresponsive to conventional therapies. As reported in the IMSS press release, Dr Maximo Leon VasquezA neurologist assigned to the epilepsy clinic, an average of 200 to 300 patients benefit from this service every month, highlighting the high demand and demand for specialized solutions in this field.

In addition to this pioneering technology, neurological staff IMSS He has received special training in Clinical epilepsy. The above seeks to extend the quality of diagnosis and treatment to more clinical disciplines. In an effort to provide ongoing support to those affected by the condition, the first support group for epilepsy patients was also formed, where educational workshops on the management and care of the disease are offered.

The technology, new to the health system, allows its drug-resistant epilepsy patients to be monitored for up to five days. (Screenshot/IMSS).

According to the data provided by the expert, the indicator Newspaper (healthy life years lost) indicates fits The main reason Neurological consultations More than nine thousand consultations annually, in important areas of Mexico City and the State of Mexico. To be considered for operative surgery, Vasquez explained, patients must demonstrate resistance to multiple medications and present with brain lesions that can be determined through continuous monitoring.

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