Dani Alves makes his first court appearance since being released on bail

In the short term appearance Alves In the courts, an unruly man approached the magazine area and denounced him as a “rapist”.

Former footballer Dani Alves Appeared this morning for the first time The Barcelona Inquisition After Monday Temporarily released Appeals against him for rape are settled after he posted a bail of one million euros.

Alves arrived around 9:20 a.m. this Thursday Barcelona Palace of JusticeWith his lawyer, Inés Guardiola, he was in a building for about ten minutes to appear before Section 21a of the Provincial Court.

The Brazilian national was sentenced to four years and six months in prison in the first case For raping a young woman In toilets Sutton Nightclub From Barcelona on December 30, 2022, he has served a total of 14 months in prison.

Section 21a of the Barcelona court, the chamber that tried and sentenced him, last week allowed Alves to leave prison with a dissenting vote of one of the three magistrates when he posted one million euro bail, while appeals against the conviction are pending against him in the rape case.

Finally, Alves got out of jail Brian's 2In Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona), last Monday afternoon, the millions of euros imposed by the Barcelona court should be released after being able to deposit the same morning.

Among the precautionary measures imposed, stand out the revocation of two passports, Brazilian and Spanish, the ban on leaving the country and the obligation to appear before the Secretariat every Friday 21a or the last working day of the festival as happened this Thursday.

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Alves had left his house half an hour earlier by car and got out of the vehicle with his lawyer, who accompanied him on the meters that separate one side of the Palace of Justice from the main entrance.

A calm approach and without statements

Brazilian Dressed in a white shirt, pants and sneakers and a brown jacket, he arrived at the courthouse with a calm demeanor, breaking away from the door and ignoring the reporters waiting for him on the other side of the street. Fences installed by Mossos d'Esquadra For safety.

At no point was the ex-footballer either FC Barcelona His lawyer did not make any statement to the waiting media.

Alves has been inside Court complex For about ten minutes, when the procedure was over, he gave up and went back to the car that was waiting for him at the corner where he had left him earlier, driven by his friend.

While Alves appeared briefly in court, a random man approached the press area and called the footballer a “rapist”. .

For its part, the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor's Office He appealed against the bail decision Alves -The victim's lawyer also announced that he would-, considering that the risk of escape is now “higher”, the sentence has now been handed down. (with information from EFE)

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