In Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon will be the 'Quantica' Science Museum; This is what it provides

With the closing of Alpha Planetarium, Science Centers New Lion are rareAnd for this reason A new location has been announced Residents can learn about the innovations that are currently being developed to improve the future of the place. was invitedQuantum“.

The new center will be built in the municipality of PesqueriaThis was announced by Mayor Patricio Lozano, who explained The investment for the work will be up to 213 million pesos with 50 percent of private initiative and the remaining participation from the municipal budget.

Project structure. Photo: Municipality

In this project The state government did not inviteAlthough designed to be completed before the 2026 soccer World Cup, tourists can visit the facility during their stay.

This was announced by the councillor The museum will attract the attention of both girls and boys This will awaken their interest in science and make them better professionals in future.

“The present must point to the future, and what we do in a prosperous future, We need men and women who allow us to break paradigms. “From pesqueria across Mexico, we're going to create a must-see center: Quantica, a window to the future,” he said.

Access to new space. Photo: Municipality

Features of the museum

It was reported that the new location.QuantumIt will have two levels used for exhibitions The technology is similar to that displayed in the Alpha Planetarium. will also be Areas for workshops and multi-purpose rooms For special events.

The Mayor explained A decentralized system will be created to manage the resources of the Centre With the participation of universities, businessmen and the city council, the functionality of the space must be guaranteed.

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area The design will be by sculptor Enrique Carbajal Known as SebastianWho collaborates with the development of the conceptual plan, as well as the architectural part.

In the area of Construction will be on land Legally acquired by Aventa Group's transfer Located near Monterrey International Airport.

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