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He was bored in the hotel. Paolo Guerrero He didn't want to go alone to the new mansion that the Cesar Vallejo club offered him as part of his contract. Ana Paula SpouseStill in Brazil with her children, she took advantage of her 'Compasser' visit. Jefferson Farfan To keep his fancy 'little house' open.

Paolo Guerrero introduced a residency with Jefferson Farfan in Trujillo

The best friends, who had known each other since they played in Alianza Lima's junior divisions and attended Los Reyes Rojos de Barranco school, came to the residence located in the golf neighborhood of Trujillo. Another member of the remembered 84′ 'blue and white' squad, Roberto 'Cugurucho' Guisazola, was also in attendance.

According to footage aired this morning on 'America Hoy', a vehicle carrying Guerrero's bodyguards and a van driving them around town could be seen outside the house.

It was revealed that Guerrero's brother, Julio 'El Coyote' Rivera, hosted a meeting attended by Farfán and others close to Paolo on the night of the 9th night of the Poets Association, Wednesday, February 28. Vallejo.

Paolo Guerrero hosts a barbecue to open the house rented for him by the Cesar Vallejo Club/Photo: America Hoy

This is the luxurious Guerrero mansion

The house chosen by the sports company has an area of ​​1,200 square meters and has a market value of one million 880 thousand dollars and is located in the exclusive residential area of ​​El Golf in Trujillo.

The house has two floors, large gardens, a swimming pool, a main dining room that seats twelve, a modern kitchen with a granite island in the center, four bedrooms with full bathrooms, a guest bathroom and a half basement.

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The magazine revealed that the club provided Paolo with a van worth more than $80,000, a private chartered plane to facilitate the transfer of the footballer's family and private security personnel to protect the integrity of Paolo and his family.

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