'Increment' in February pay for SMI collecting officers and workers

The Council of Ministers this week approved an increase in the minimum professional wage (SMI5% until 2024, 1,080 euros per month for fourteen payments Up to 1,134 euros. This increment will be used retrospectively from now on January 1, 2024 and affect About 2.5 million workers.

This increase in SMI is in response to an agreement reached in mid-January by the Ministry of Labor and the CCOO and UGT, without the help of commercial entities. CEOE and CepymeThose who decided not to support SMI because of their demands to index it General contracts and install Bonus For rural sector.


In addition to the increase February, Spanish workers will have a 'supplement' to their January wages. Specifically, an increase in SMI will translate into February wages 54 euros per month For recipients of 14 payments and 63 euros per month They have paid extra.

Euros will increase for both men and women collecting SMI, February and other months of the year. Generally, Minimum wage workers receive 756 euros per year.

Features to consider

It should be noted that workers who receive SMI No They are the ones who earn the most in this second month of the year. And the fact is that government employees will also have their pay roll increased due to the arrears for the months of January to December 2023.

In particular, the Officers of the state You will understand If nominal GDP is higher than executive forecasts in 2023, the balance corresponds to an additional 0.5% increase. The government has pegged GDP growth at 6%.It eventually increased to 8.6% in 2023.

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Regressive nature

This is The increase is retroactive This will apply to all wages for January 2023. With this in mind, In 2023, the increase in government officials will total 3.5%. Good news for the sector.

Treasury Order They will make the dues Payment will be made in the month of February or as soon as possibleTherefore It can be late A little more. For state officials who have not changed their targetThere are delays They will officially disband It is by the company providing the services.

Meanwhile, the Officers If they have changed their destination, they have to claim this due from the center or institution where they paid. The wages they mention. In case of death, These dues can be claimed by the heirs.

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