Indira and MinSaid are committed to technology as a partner in integrating people with disabilities A leader in social information

Indira and MinSaid are committed to technology as a partner in integrating people with disabilities  A leader in social information

Indira and its digital transformation subsidiary, Minsait, consider technology to be a highly valuable partner in facilitating the social and labor integration of people with disabilities.

As the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated this Sunday, Indira renews her commitment to support these people by creating diversity management and volunteering policies that raise awareness in the fight for equal opportunities.

This commitment is implemented from its social activity, “through an innovative collaboration model that combines the efforts of the company and its subsidiaries, through various training programs specialized in the digital environment through universities, foundations and various associations. Promoting the active search for employment and breaking the digital divide between the most vulnerable groups”. Company sources explain to Servimedia.

As a roadmap, among its various social activities, the Institute launches every year a call for support for studies and training in collaboration with the Universia Foundation, a result of mutual interest in developing research projects in accessible technologies.

The call has attracted the interest of more than 100 research groups from public and private universities across the country and, to date, has yielded more than 300 proposals over the past seven editions. In January 2024, an eighth call for assistance is scheduled to begin.

In this sense, the active involvement of Indra professionals is considered as an important component for the development of these projects. An example of this is the ‘Digital Challenge’ training program in collaboration with Fundación Integra, an initiative since 2001, with the support of Indira and Minesight’s experts who volunteer to design training workshops in the field of cyber security. In the use of new ICTs, with the aim of improving the employment of people in situations of severe exclusion and/or disabilities.

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“It is a way to improve their training with future training and to facilitate access to the work environment even for groups that have more difficulty in doing so. They are given an environment of growth and confidence, where they can develop their concerns and focus on their independence or autonomy,” says Margarita Fernandez, Head of Social Action of INDRA D. Heredia.

With a similar focus, there is Vetures4Inlcusion, a social entrepreneurship launch vehicle that works with the Foundation for the Promotion of Development and Integration (FDI) and Volies. It is an initiative to stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship with the aim of developing and recognizing innovative projects related to technology, communication or innovation that promote employment opportunities that include training, mentoring and funding.

Stem women

In parallel, from its training, equity and employment parameters, Indira, together with Minsait, promotes the presence of female STEM profiles to facilitate the development of all professional careers in the digital sector, as well as values ​​the contribution of talented women as essential. To thrive in an inclusive, competitive and dynamic digital society.

At the same time, the ‘Por Talento Digital’ project is an innovative initiative integrated into the Radia project, which is promoted by the technical company ONCE Foundation, the CEOE Foundation and the Conference of Community Councils of Spanish Universities.

The initiative has allowed more than 400,000 people with disabilities to receive job guidance, nearly 150,000 to receive training and more than 105,000 people have been employed, 45% of whom are women, in the past year. The project was recently awarded the European Social Economy Award, a recognition given by Social Economy Europe (SEE) that highlights companies’ contribution to green and digital transformation.

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