Josepmir Balon, who won the championship with Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal, is a fan of which team?

Josepmir Balon has captained Alianza Lima for the past three seasons, however, he has also been part of Sporting Cristal and San Martín, which club do you prefer?

The relationship between Josepmir Balon and Alianza Lima ended. The last captain of the blue and white team will have to look for a new life for the 2024 season after confirming his continuation at La Victoria, and according to rumors in the transfer market, his new destination will be Cesar Vallejo University.

Balon is a seasoned player who was crowned national champion with San Martin, Sporting Cristal and Alianza Lima shirts. So, fans are wondering: Which team is the 35-year-old midfielder a fan of?

Former soccer player Alfonso Yanez promised Josepmir Balon is a fan of Sport Boys. The popular ‘Puchungo’ showed his desire to see the former River Plate player in a pink shirt.

A fan of boys. Boyz I hope they work together, it will be a good reinforcement“, expressed ‘Puchungo’ in Campeonisimo. Later, Gustavo Peralta, Libero journalist, noted that Josepmir Balon will be the leader the pink team needs.

Where will Josepmir Balon play?

As mentioned in Campionissimo, Josepmir Ballon is wanted by Cesar Vallejo de Roberto Mosquera. Trujillo’s side will be keen to sign the midfielder.

Teams of Josepmir Ballon

Josepmir Ballon defended the following shirts:

  • University of San Martin
  • River Plate (Argentina)
  • Game Crystal
  • University of Concepcion (Chile)
  • Lima Alliance

Balon was captain at Alianza Lima

What titles did Josepmir Ballon win?

Josepmir Balon was a three-time national champion with San Martín, twice with Sporting Cristal and twice with Alianza Lima.

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