Innovation and technology stand out at the apparel trade show

Innovation and technology stand out at the apparel trade show

Guatemala The garment and textile sector, a leading exporter in Guatemala, presented this Tuesday the thirtieth edition of the Garment Source Fair, the only garment and textile exhibition in the Central American region.

The apparel and textile sector has seen historic growth in recent years and, according to data from the Bank of Guatemala, will reach US$2,258 million in exports in 2022, an increase of 16.8% and 14% of total exports from the country.

According to Carla Madrid, director of the Apparel Sales Show (APSS), “The fair is the most important opportunity of the year, as companies take advantage of their innovations, new products and differentiation.”

The exhibition will feature exhibitors from the entire industrial value chain; 41% of the exhibitors are from the textile sector (fabrics, yarns, cotton), 31% from services and elastics, labels and other accessories, 13% from machinery and 15% from screen printing and sublimation.

“During this edition, highlighting the evolution of the industry and the role of clothing in it, we focused on innovations that allow us to create a cluster, integrate vertically and compete in sophisticated markets. , because of the complexity they require, represent high returns for the country”, Madrid added.

Innovations in technology were presented during the exhibition, for example, new water-based inks, new technologies in high-productivity printing and modern machinery. During the exhibition, 15 workshops and seminars will be held, many of which focus on the use of new technologies that increase the added value of garments.

Currently, the added value of clothing made in Guatemala is 52%; According to the department’s data, it is the highest in the Central American region.

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This year, the clothing sales fair focuses on strengthening the cluster, through innovations that allow it to be an attractive destination “nearby”, seeking to place production orders closer to the points of sale, and Guatemala is in a privileged position. Due to its proximity to the US due to access to both coasts.

According to Carlos Arias, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VESTEX, the strengthening of the cluster has allowed it to attract investment, registering about US$500 million in direct investment over the past four years. This investment has allowed specialization and growth in specific areas that have contributed to a more competitive industry globally.

The Guatemalan sector has positioned itself as an ideal destination for investments focused on nearshoring. And currently around 21 projects with an investment potential of USD 200 million are being evaluated in the country.

Industry in a stable market

Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in apparel brands’ purchasing decisions, which is why the industry is focusing on improving its standards and processes. This is reinforced by promoting impact measurement under the HIGG Index, a global standard for industrial quality improvement.

The thirtieth edition of APSS will be a zero-waste event, as along with Recicla Gt, segregation of waste will be encouraged in fair cases and recycled.

APSS: The only regional exhibition for apparel and textiles

Apparel trade fairs have been a fundamental tool for promoting the industry, achieving new business and increasing exports for more than 30 years. It is the only Central American aerospace exhibition where companies from the entire value chain, from spinning to apparel, including textiles, machinery and accessories, meet to explore business opportunities through the exhibition floor, workshops and business roundtables. The fair has three venues: the exhibition floor, workshops and seminars, and the business conference.

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The fashion show will take place on May 9, 10 and 11 at the Grand Tikal Futura Hotel and is free to visitors.

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