What is the level of the minimum wage in Venezuela after Nicolás Maduro announced? | Answers

Since the beginning of 2023, workers of public and private enterprises, workers, teachers and others have been continuously protesting. Salary increase Inside Venezuela. Despite this, Nicolás Maduro It did not adjudicate the matter or make changes in working conditions. What will happen if this increase, which is highly demanded by the people, is not created?

Thousands of public sector employees, teachers, workers and even retirees and pensioners staged various protests in different parts of Venezuela. However, to date, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has not ruled on the matter.

Nicolás Maduro in National Chain for Labor Day:

Follow Nicolás Maduro’s speech and all the President’s official announcements on May 1 here:

What did Nicolás Maduro say about salary increases in Venezuela?

Reports from the Bloomberg portal indicate that despite inflation in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro’s government has not authorized the current salary increase.

As a result, the minimum income received by Venezuelan workers is an average of five dollars, for which teachers and collaborators must improve the industry.

The minimum basic income in Venezuela is set at 130 bolivars, equivalent to about 5.4 dollars after the devaluation in recent months, the lowest in Latin America, and in countries such as Haiti and Cuba this 2023. They are close to 100 dollars. However, according to the United Nations, this amount of more than 57 dollars a month represents the threshold of extreme poverty.

What do workers in Venezuela need?

Trade union centers negotiating under the auspices of the International Labor Organization (ILO) have several proposals, including a minimum wage of $200 to $400 to cover the basic basket.

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How much do teachers make in Venezuela?

In March 2022, IV, V and VI teachers of the Ministry of People’s Power for Education (MPPE) were paid for a 40-hour day. Between 337.94, 404.92 and 450.70 bolivars.

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