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In the vast and mysterious SpaceAstronauts like Thomas Beskett lived a completely different life than the one we know Tierra. Your experience aboard the International Space Station (ISS) is an adventure full of challenges, discoveries and unique ideas. Time. Have you ever wondered why six months? Space can be realized in a decade Tierra? Join us on this journey to find out!

On the ISS, the Gravity This is not practical. This means astronauts float rather than walk and experience a sense of weightlessness. This deficit Gravity It deeply affects their bodies and their consciousness Time. Thomas Beskett tells us that although they love their work, they are not at work Space Have a good time. The ISS is full of life science research, equipment modifications, repairs and physical training to prevent loss of muscle and bone mass.

One of the biggest challenges Space It’s food. The astronauts received fresh fruit by rocket every month and a half, and they were able to grow lettuce in special cabinets. Very different from the daily routine on the ISS TierraAnd they are always attached with a safety rope to prevent them from floating uncontrollably.

Astronauts face a unique perspective Time And of the world. The ISS moves at impressive speeds, which means spatial cues are quickly lost. Thomas Besquet gives us a surprising example: the journey from New York to Paris takes about 10 minutes from his point of view. It completely changes the way you perceive distance and location.

While life on the ISS may sound appealing, it is also fraught with risks. Astronauts are prepared to face any emergency. They are trained in survival, first aid and fitness. In case of dire emergency, they can return Tierra In just 24 hours. In addition, they keep a ship docked to the ISS, ready to evacuate in dire situations.

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Space-time vs. Earth time

Now, the question we all ask ourselves is: Why six months? Space can be realized in a decade Tierra? Thomas Beskett reveals to us a surprising influence Space In old age. In his experience, being in Space Six months is equal to ten years of age Tierra. This means your body and mind experience the passing Time In a completely different way than ours.

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This peculiar aging is reversible, making it an attractive object of study. Scientists are studying the effects of this Space Understanding how far the body’s limits go in the human organism and whether future missions to places like Mars are possible.

An astronaut’s life on the ISS is an exciting journey full of unique challenges, from weightlessness to losing space cues and adjusting to a completely different routine. But the most surprising thing is how Time It contains Space It may seem to pass more slowly than it is TierraIt challenges our perception of it Time. The experience of Thomas Beskett and other astronauts shows us that SpaceSix months can feel like a decade, a conundrum that continues to intrigue scientists and astronauts around the world.

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