Is the fee of 800 soles still available? Is there a consultancy link with DNI? List of Beneficiaries 2023, Midis

Find out in this note whether Midis will re-deposit Yanabai bonus in October across the country, who are the beneficiaries and the new amount.

Find out what is known about the 800 soles Yanabai bonus delivered in Peru.

During the message of the nation for the 2023 national holiday, President Tina Poluarte announced various financial assistance to Peruvians, so a large part of the population wants to know that part of it is the Yanabe bonus. What did Midis say about this? Learn more about this information here.

In Peru, some are distributed through grants Social programs of the Peruvian government 350 soles and a Yanapay bonus of up to S/700 to help overcome the financial crisis.

Bonus tip: Consult with IT

It should be noted that the first delivery of Yanapay bonus is announced in 2021. Citizens can make inquiries online at the official website with their DNI and then pay through Banco de la NaciĆ³n. Months later, the distribution of other grants continued in Peru.

How much is Yanabai bonus amount?

At that time, the Peruvian state provided beneficiaries with S/350, however, families with only one person of legal age, with one or more minors in care, deposited an additional S/350, reaching S/700.

Due to user consultation, the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDS) said Yanapay bonus 800 delivery is not activated in 2023. That’s what it means Cannot query with ID from website. Through social networks, officials advised to avoid falling for scams on social networks.

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Help Bonus had an official counseling link with IT.

Requirements to Access Yanapay 2023 Bonus in 2023

To get the cash assistance, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Being in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty, step Home target system (Sisphoh).
  • Belongs to Juntos, Pension 65 or Contico scheme.
  • Not to be registered on public or private payrolls, except pensioners and apprentices.
  • Monthly income per family should be less than S/ 3000.

Who are the beneficiaries of the 800 soles bonus?

He A bonus of 800 soles is for tour guides in Peru Freelancers. As with all financial benefits, the Peruvian government will ensure distribution through its social networks.

Why are subsidies like the Yanabai Bonus offered in Peru?

Due to the worsening economic crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Peruvian government authorized various financial benefits for millions of Peruvians.

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