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President of the United States, Joe BidenOn Friday, Israel unveiled a three-phase plan to end the nearly eight-month war between Israel Y Hamas Inside Gaza. In a statement at the White House, the president noted that “this is truly a defining moment.” Although Palestinian Islamists have rated the plan as “positive,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, has not committed to signing it because he is under strong pressure from his government partners.

Biden maintained that Hamas ‘can no longer afford’ to launch another large-scale attack It urged the Israelis and the militants to come to an agreement, as was the case against Israel on October 7. Release the hostages And a reach A lasting ceasefire.

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“Hamas says it wants a ceasefire. “This deal is an opportunity to show if they really mean it,” he stressed. Biden.

US President Joe Biden has announced a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. (EFE/EPA/Michael Reynolds).

The US president made the announcement while Israeli forces were on the battlefield in the heart of the city RafaSouth of Gaza, he promises to finish off the last battalions. Hamas.

After the Israeli road map was made public, the office Netanyahu He insisted that his country The attack will continue Until it achieves “all its objectives,” including the destruction of Hamas’ military and governmental capabilities.

Three Phase Agreement

Israeli soldiers during operations in the Gaza Strip. (Israeli Army Photo / AFP).

He Israel’s plan And Biden expressed a start An immediate and temporary ceasefire And moving towards a permanent end to the war and the reconstruction of Gaza.

American newspaper This roadmap explains in detail what it entails:

  • In the first stageBoth sides must respect a six-week ceasefire. Israel will withdraw from major population centers in Gaza and many hostages will be released, among them women, elderly and injured. The Hostages They will be exchanged for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. The Help will begin to flow into Gaza Reaching around 600 trucks per day. Further Hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinian citizens will be allowed to return to their homes in the north Gaza. Most Palestinians fled the north following Israel’s mass evacuation order before the ground invasion began. At this point, Israel and Hamas will continue negotiations to reach a permanent ceasefire. If the negotiations continue for more than six weeks, the first phase of the Armistice This will continue until an agreement is reached, he said Biden.
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Palestinians carry some salvaged items as they leave the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, after briefly returning to check on their homes, on May 30, 2024. (Photo: Omar al-Qatta/AFP).
  • In the second stageOnce a permanent ceasefire was agreed upon, Israel will withdraw completely from this Gaza. All Israeli hostages will be released Many more Palestinian prisoners would be freed in return, including those alive, including male soldiers.
  • In the third phase, Hamas will return the remains of dead hostages. Garbage will be removed and A three- to five-year Gaza reconstruction period will beginSupported by US, Europe and international companies.
People carry photos of Israeli hostages during a demonstration demanding their release on June 3, 2024, in Milan, Italy. (EFE/EPA/MATTHEO CORNER).

Nowhere in the contract does it talk about the future Hamas And whether he will continue in power or not GazaSomething unacceptable since the start of the war Israel.

In Israel It is hoped that the full withdrawal of Israeli forces will be allowed as stipulated in the agreement Hamas Sing success and rebuild.


More than 36,000 people died in Gaza

The war erupted on October 7 when Hamas militants infiltrated Israel and killed 1,189 people, mostly civilians.

The Islamists kidnapped all 252 people and took them to Gaza. Israel says 121 people are being held captive in the Palestinian territories, 37 of whom have died.

In response, Israel vowed to “destroy” Hamas and declared war on it. It launched an air and ground offensive that has so far killed 36,479 people in Gaza, most of them women and children.

Netanyahu is between a rock and a hard place

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a wreath-laying ceremony for Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 6, 2024. (Photo by Amir Cohen/Pool/AFP).

on Monday, Netanyahu conflicted Biden. “The statement we agreed upon is a Stop the fire There is no truth unless our conditions are met. (…) “Biden’s plan will not be complete.”He said before the Knesset (Israel Parliament) Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee.

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“The fighting will stop to rescue the hostages and then we will negotiate. There are details that the President of the United States does not provide to the public” he added.

After he addressed the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs, Netanyahu He posted a message on his social networks in which he assured that the government was working on “innumerable ways to bring back our abducted people”.

For his part, the spokesperson NetanyahuDavid Menser said Monday A “partial” draft presented by Biden.

In Israel, the country’s media are amazed at how much talk Biden And some important details of the project were integrated with Netanyahu.

Biden’s revelations were dismissed by far-right coalition partners NetanyahuThose who consider surrendering to Hamas.

Finance Minister, Bezalel SmodrichHe threatened to quit the administration if the Prime Minister accepted Armistice.

Israel’s finance minister, the far-right Bezalel Smodrich, is meeting with rabbis associated with his party, Religious Zionism, in the Knesset (Parliament) in Jerusalem this Monday. (EFE/ Abir Sultan).

EFE Institute, Minister of National Defence, Itamar Ben GvirIt is reported that he has visited the office twice Netanyahu They did not allow him to visit the project to inspect it. “If you sign an irresponsible treaty, it ends the war without collapse Hamas, Jewish Power (Ben Zvir Party) will dissolve the government”, warned the Prime Minister.

According to the AP agency report, what are the active partners Netanyahu to continue the war, completely reoccupied Gaza And build Jewish settlements in that Palestinian territory.

So things, Netanyahu is at a crossroads, because if it finally rejects the deal it could deepen Israel’s international isolation, strain relations with the Biden administration and expose domestic accusations that it abandoned hostages to save its own skin. If he signs the deal, it could be abandoned by his partners, leading to the fall of his government and the advance of elections.

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Andhra agency highlighted that the current government of NetanyahuFormed at the end of 2022 after five consecutive elections, It is the most nationalistic and religious in Israel’s history. In the months leading up to the war, the administrator promoted policies that strengthened the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, deepened the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community’s dependence on government subsidies, and initiated judicial reform for large sections of the population. Agreement.

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