MediaTek is at #MWC24 with innovations in 5G, generative AI and satellite technology

Within the framework of Mobile World Congress 2024, MediaTek presents its latest innovations, including satellite broadband, artificial intelligence generation and the anticipated 6G ambient computing.. These technologies promise to transform communication and global connectivity with smart devices, marking a milestone in the technology industry.

Mediatek highlights innovations at MWC 2024

MediaTek, under the guidance of its CEO Joe Chen, has focused its efforts on ushering in a new technological era:

. “Our leadership extends across critical product categories, powering MWC with significant advancements in buildable AI, satellite broadband and readiness for the 6G era.”

Joe Chen, president of MediaTech

One of MediaTek's most exciting firsts at the event was the introduction of real-time AI video streaming. This breakthrough is made possible by Dimensity 9300, its flagship 5G mobile processor, which introduces the first hardware-based AI engine. This innovation promises to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content, delivering a personalized and efficient experience while reducing bandwidth.

MediaTek has not only excelled in the field of AI and mobile connectivity; Dimensity is also making strides in the automotive sector with Auto. This development, combined with technologies such as OpenSynergy Hypervisor and ACCESS Twine4Car, enhances vehicle safety features through virtualized operating systems, interactive services and enhanced entertainment for vehicles.

In the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G wearables, the MediaTek T300 platform emerges as an innovative solution. The platform is designed to facilitate the transition to 5G-NR, ensuring ultra-efficient connectivity and long battery life, ideal for wearable and lightweight AR devices.

Looking forward, MediaTek is leading the way with its 5G NR-NTN advanced satellite broadband specification and laying the foundation for user experience in the pre-6G era. 6G ambient computing, on the other hand, promises optimized virtual private networks, greater privacy and simplified management of home IoT devices.

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What do you think about the technological future that Mediatek will shape with its innovations at MWC 2024?


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