It's in space and they've discovered that it contains more water than all the oceans on Earth

The ALMA telescope was able to capture a young star surrounded by a disk containing a large amount of water vapor.

There are still many secrets to be revealed in the universe, one of which is the formation of planets

Planet Earth still holds many secrets, such as our solar system and space in general. One of them is how the planets may have formed, leading them to acquire water. A disc discovered around the astronomical probes A star that contains more water than all the world's oceans combined.

In A recent paper in NatureRecent astronomical observations are known to have been discovered A young star has a disk of dust and gas around it. By moving closer, astronomers have discovered that two planets are forming in this disc, as well as water vapor.

This disk contains more water than all the oceans on Earth

According to the authors of the research, although it is still early days, these conditions could create two planets in the future, which may contain life. The origin of life on our earth has been explored for a long time. And the truth is, it's very interesting.

Stefano Facchini, an astronomer at the University of Milan, made a series of comments summarizing the significance of the discovery:

Our latest images reveal significant amounts of water vapor at various distances from the star, including the distance where a planet could now form. I never imagined that we could capture a picture of the vapor oceans in the same region where a planet is forming.

Returning to the authors' comments, they clearly find that the presence of vapor in the observed disc can influence the growth of a planetary system. Just as it did 4.5 billion years ago in our own solar system.

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All These astronomical observations were captured by the ALMA telescope (Atacama Long millimeter/submillimeter order). Thanks to its latest generation technology, it has been proven that the disk of this young star contains three times more water than all the Earth's oceans.

It's in space and they've discovered that it contains more water than all the oceans on Earth

A young star photographed by ALMA, you can see a disk made up of dust and vapor. Source: ALMA

The truth is, reads the article, that humans still need to know countless facts around them. An investigation has been conducted into its location This star was formed 100,000 years ago.

The most important and interesting thing in all this is that man is in the evolution of the universe and space. We have the technology that allows us to scan the horizon See how stars are destroyed, but they are also born.

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