Carlos Galtos questions Yida Eslava for exposing Julian's infidelity: “Her speech is not believable” | Carlos Galtos | Slavic language Julian Zucchi | programs

Carlos Caldos Commented on the recent scandal between Yida Slavic and Julian Zucchi ended their relationship after the actress confirmed that the Argentine had cheated on her. Galdos questions De Yida's late decision to reveal her former partner's infidelity, and suggests that she will be hurt by Julien's new relationship.

Meera: Yida Eslava on Julian Zucchi: “He made a fake Instagram to deceive me”

“I don't know what fiber she has to touch, she leads to show what she really feels, even if it goes down badly, does she like, dislike, or comfort or not? . It was not convinced by his 'marketer' talk about love and divorce. “He doesn't believe in mega emotional intelligence about relationships with his high pitched speech”said.

When Yita found a new partner, everything was quiet, the TV presenter assured. However, things changed when Julian confirmed that he was dating reporter Priscilla Mateo.

“While Yida has a partner, Julian takes care of 35 hectares of cucumbers. It was like 'how cool'. She falls in love and is cold, but when Julian falls in love, the devil comes out. It's not cold there. If Julian falls in love, no, screw him.he added.

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