Japan wants to capture solar power from space by 2025

If achieved, Japan will become the first country on the planet to harness solar power from space for half a million homes.

Fabian Vega

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa Its abbreviation in English) will seek recovery Energy from space directly from the sun Send her back Tierra Thanks to aSmall farm“In Solar panels.

This is a led project Jaxa And this Kyoto UniversityIt had its appearance since 2008 Science fiction sceneThe Japanese nation had already achieved that Up to 1.8 kW was shipped in 2015 towards the planet, enough to ignite a Electric kettle.

Now, in a more ambitious phase, the Japanese will seek to regain the energy needed to feed Half a million houses.

Located on a Japanese island Substation Responsible for converting energy into form Microwave A Electricity That we live in our houses. And thus send it through an underwater cable to the nation’s capital, from where they feed Neon cities as Shibuya.

Asian media Nikkei He said it was the first attempt to capture solar power Happens from space 2025. If felt, it will be Capable of lighting up an entire city Without the need to resort to any other form of energy.

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