Jasmeri Toledo shares a photo of a heart attack in Cusco and sends a heartwarming message

The former police officer shared a photo of his trip to Cusco and surprised his followers with an interesting message. what did he tell?

Josemarie Toledo decided to share a picture of her visit to Cusco. | Composition: Libero.

Josemary Toledo continued to make a splash in Lima entertainment after playing an ambe in the Magali Medina show, where she appeared with married soccer player Paolo Hurtado. Father of three children. That’s why his every move is so surprising to his opponents and his fans. In this regard, a photo posted by a 31-year-old woman quickly went viral Social websites. And Indirect message to “Caballito”.?

Through his official account InstagramThe former member of Esto es Guerra shared a picture with part of his back during his visit to the city of Cusco, where he was supported by Paolo Hurtado.

Hello beautiful eyes“, reads the description of the content. Let’s remember that Toledo has disabled comments on his social network, but in a short time he has reached more than 15 thousand ‘likes’ since posting it.

We should mention that Josemary Toledo He no longer pursues Paolo Hurtado as often as the footballer seeks his wife’s forgiveness with incredible details such as a clock and a mariachi serenade.

What did Paco Bazán say about Hurtado and Toledo?

The television presenter, Paco Bazán, decided to express his opinion about the end of the emotional relationship between Josemary Toledo Y Paul HurtadoPlayer Cuzco Scientist.

A worthy man and a worthy woman will run away if they have a ring in front of them. If a man or a woman is seen wearing an earring, it is a proof that they have a lifelong alliance. What begins in secret ends in shadow, in darkness. She knew what a shame it was to play with lovers and what little dignity she had, (his wife) being pregnant.“, to be precise.

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Ambe by Paolo Hurtado and Josemary Toledo

Magali Medina shared the first ‘Ambey’ between the famous ‘Caballito’ Hurtado and Josemery Toledo. The images were recorded in the city of Cuzco, where the former member of Esto S. Guevara was on tour.

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