Rosa Fuentes reappears to promote her effort: “You have to pay the bill, I can’t cry”

Rosa Fuentes reappears after returning to Peru | Network light

Rosa Fuentes It was on everyone’s lips after the husband Paul Hurtado Exika will be acting in an Ambay with Reality Josemary Toledo. The two were caught sharing a romantic kiss in Cusco while the footballer’s children’s mother was in Lima unbeknownst to them.

After this scandal, Fuentes publicly announced the end of her marriage and promised that she would not return to the footballer, and also revealed that she was pregnant. For this reason, he decided to leave the country for a while to be at peace with his children.

Recently, he was caught in the middle of this scandal when he returned to Lima, but he chose to remain silent. However, this Wednesday May 3, Rosa Fuentes He reappeared in front of the cameras for a YouTube project Kudo Guadalupe was invited ‘El Sho de Guto Guadalupe’. There, the young entrepreneur asked the former soccer player how she was doing for the first time.

“Good, with fresh air. I have been away from Lima for over a month, recharging my energies and preparing myself for everything that lies ahead for me”, he admitted at the beginning.

He then revealed that he was working on the same new venture as advertised Guadeloupe. The two admitted that they have a close relationship and consider themselves family, so they didn’t hesitate to appear with him. “Now I have this career. Dedicating myself to the field of physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation,” he said.

Rosa Fuentes reappears after an amboyance by Paulo Hurtado and Josemary Toledo.

On the other hand, he admitted that he gained the strength to continue working for his family. He pointed out that there is no more time to cry and move on emotionally. “Keep working, keep living, you’ve got to pay the bills, we can’t stop crying, we’ve got to keep moving forward,” he said.

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Finally, he dedicated himself to the netizens, thanking them for their support throughout the process. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank many women, children and the middle class for the support I have received. I will continue to work,” he concluded.

Paul Hurtado He also expressed his desire to expedite his divorce Rosa Fuentes He acted only after the cheating scandal Josemary ToledoHis wife immediately announced her separation.

It was on April 20 that Rosa Fuentes’ lawyer, Dr. Claudia Zumetta He revealed to Drom that the divorce case has already been filed in the judiciary, but they are also planning to go through the process for alimony. However, they got a response from the footballer and started reconciliation.

“Yes, the case (for divorce) has already been filed and it qualifies in the judiciary. Here we were concerned about the issue of food. As we did not get an answer from the Lord, we planned to do the food work. However, seeing their presence and conciliatory approach, we are preparing a proposal, so through that proposal and negotiation, basically sign an agreement for the support of their minor children,” opined the lawyer.

Rosa Fuentes and Paolo Hurtado begin divorce proceedings.

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