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‘La Potra de la Cumbia’, Jessie Kate said some footballers got her number to call her, but she ignored them and made it clear she wasn’t. ‘Josemarie’.

Jesse, you were on the Paco Bazán project recently and you said you know footballers and until they get your number to call you, does that happen to you?

I have good soccer friends because I was a cheerleader for Sport Boys, but I prefer to keep their names private because they are friends. and if, Sometimes some people I don’t know (football players) write to me on Instagram, but not old people or acquaintances, but from people under 20 years old, from small categories, they call me and write. But I have no relationship. They are mostly married and when I make time to meet someone they must be single because I am not Josemary who interferes with marriages and destroys families and destroys homes. Everything has karma.

So are you still single?

Yes, totally single. ‘, I belong to the Paula (Arias) Club.

What do you want in a future partner?

Now I’m at a point where I want to focus on my music career. I say I’m fine, I’m going on tour to Europe. Love took a back seat in my life, but yes, no footballers because I knew which leg they were pushed on, and no singers because I had a bad experience. Now my priority is to get into my career.

When are you going to Europe?

i will be For 6 dates from June 19 to July 4. I’m going to a music festival in Paris and then performing in Spain and Italy. I am very excited because I started working with an entertainer and a singer, and now I have an orchestra with fifteen musicians. ‘La Potra de la cumbia’ Keep working hard and more music will come.

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